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What if Wednesday returns

Updated: Mar 5

Welcome back to What if Wednesday: back in full swing for 2023. We will no longer be doing a what-ifs every week. This way we can actually take our time and bring you some top tier What ifs with some more time and information behind them.

This month's What-if is "Who would crack first in the Midnight Apocalypse." During the Patreon livestream we took a look at all of our characters in an attempt to figure out who could handle a post apocalyptic scenario.

Don't worry, there are no spoilers for any of our stories in this blog post, just more insight on our characters.

The Butterfly and Blue Morpho: These two already have to live life on the edge. Due to the life they've had to lead, the human element wouldn't be as tough for them to deal with. We determined during the course of the livestream that the Blue Morpho wouldn't crack. However, we noted that The Butterfly would if her daughter died. She is her whole reason for moving forward in the first place. If she lost her she will go to an anger fueled rampage and inevitably get herself killed in any apocalyptic scenario.

Sol: We determined that, based on his ability and where he will most likely be protecting his father and best friend within the confines of P.H.A.R.A.O.H industries facility. This place is a fortress and Sol it's ultimate line of defense. There's nothing that could cause him to snap in most apocalyptic scenario. We did mention that his friend, Taharqua could possibly lose it and get them all killed.

The Grey: With her smarts, Shameka would be able to make wherever she is a safe haven. Here she could still live a somewhat normal life. If she joined a group she would be the optimist spends a lot of time looking something else to build in hopes of reclaiming some sort of normalcy. As long as she was able to do that we determined that she would be fine mentally. However, her eagerness to be a hero and help people could most likely get her killed, since she is still inexperienced.

Admani: Fatima is already dealing with a lot. Sadly, given her already difficult mental struggle, she would crack within the first weeks to months of any apocalyptic scenario. She is terrified of her fire abilities and not in control of them. They tend to overwhelm her in times of stress or fear. Combine this with the horror that would ensue during the course of any apocalyptic event, and she would likely accidently kill anyone in her vicinity in a moment of panic, only serving to push her further off the deep end.

Eabani: A college student who would mostly like snap. In his first issue of The Last Day we see him deal with some scary stressors, causing him to panic. I won't speak on the ability he eventually gains, but he still is an average college student and, let's be real, a majority of us wouldn't make it in a post apocalyptic scenario.

Tauro: This character is defined by the results of him snapping in The Last Day. The first time we see him is right after a horrendous event in his life, so... next lol.

Alih: This young lady definitely has the most resolve out of the three characters that we introduce in our story, The Last Day. Her mental fortitude combined with her physical strength make her a force to be reckoned with. So she is the only character in this story that most likely would not snap.

Raven Mocker: This entity doesn't feel fear. The end lol. (Raven's Omen)

Chaya: Chaya is from our story, Dogma. This character has been trained from an early age to face off against demons and ghouls. She's already seen it all, as she's been fighting this battle her whole life. There's nothing can really make her snap in this scenario

Reina: Another Dogma character. This young lady is new to the demon hunting game and up until this point only heard about them in stories. But when coming face to face with them and seeing the death and destruction that they leave in their wake she begins to crack. So with that being said it may not happen immediately but this young lady could crack eventually, especially if anything happens to her mentor, Chaya.


Izanagi and Izanami: The would never crack in a situation like this. In fact they would have the time of their lives if there was some sort of monster, alien, zombie, etc. for them to face. They may even get bored if it was something like a nuclear apocalypse. But them crack never lol.

Hiruko: This boy doesn't even grasp the concept of danger. He is optimistic, goofy, and most likely to run into danger without a second thought.

Awashima: Hiruko's twin sister is very different from her brother. She would be fine in any apocalyptic scenario if she didn't have to worry about her brother. He is the only thing she cares about and if something happens to him it's game over; and with how reckless he can be that would confirm the inevitable. Awashima cracks.

Ebisu: The man who found the twins, raised them and trained them to be the fighters that they are. This man is recovering from from a previous event. So we already have the answer in the opening pages of The unbeloved chapter 1. He's overcome one of the worst experiences anyone could face. After surviving that, there's not much else that would mess him up.

So to make a long story short the characters that crack in the Midnight universe in a post apocalyptic scenario are as follows.

1) Tauro

2) Eabani




6)The Butterfly

Don't forget to check out our comics if you haven't had the opportunity to back our Kickstarter, "Tales from Midnight," Issue 2.

Don't worry it will be available soon on the site. So be sure to stay tuned and if you haven't already be sure to join the mailing list.

Have you had the opportunity to read our actual stories well follow the link below and get to know the characters in this weeks what if.

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