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What is Midnight?

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Midnight Comics

Atlanta's first and largest black, family owned, indie comic and manga company. Midnight Comics officially launched in 2020, and has been growing exponentially ever since The creators are Lloyd S. Jones III and Natosha F. Jones.

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Our Mission

 The mission of Midnight Comics is to create epic, compelling, character driven stories, with black characters from all walks of life at the forefront, It's imperative to show that we are not a monolith by telling stories outside of what we usually see. 

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The Goal

is to be able to share our love writing and our stories with others while providing the representation for the next generation that we didn’t have growing up.

We want to show young black and brown children that they can be anything they want to be; From scientists, activists, business owners, etc. we hope to inspire the next generation of blerds through our stories.

The Creators

Lloyd and Natosha Jones are comic book creators based in Metro Atlanta. Both grew up blerds, with a lifelong love of comics, video games, anime/manga, and sci-fi, leading them both to have a love of writing. So, they founded Midnight Comics, a black, family owned, indie comic book and manga company in Metro Atlanta that creates both manga style AND western style comics. 

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