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Midnight Domain

Are you a writer who needs some help with creating characters or story development? Or are you looking for an editor for your book?

Learn how to create a captivating main character or world by creating engaging story beats and backstories.

Write Stories People Will Love

You have a great story idea, but you're not entirely sure how to develop it into a story. That's where we come in. We can help you take your idea from Idea to a fully realized story. 


Create Memorable and interesting Characters

We know you have a great character, but sometimes you need help with showing how amazing they are. We help you better develop your character so readers can fully understand them.  


Utilize Pre-Existing Characters in your story

Public Domain characters are everywhere, and many writers, from DC to Disney have taken advantage of them. If you want to create a brand new story with an already existing character, we can teach you the ins outs, do, and don'ts



What Brought You here Today?

  • Coaching (Midnight Comics)

    Every month
    We will coach you in developing your story as you write it
    Valid for 3 months
    • Initial consultation
    • Bi Monthly Meetings
    • Story critiques and improvement ideas
    • 2 Coaches (Both Lloyd and Natosha)
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