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What if Wednesdays: What if Midnight Comics was in the MCU

Updated: Nov 28

The general consensus right now is that the MCU is in shambles. So let's have some fun and potential make it better and put it on a better course by adding the Midnight Comics Universe to the mix.

Find out how we would merge the two universes and how the various events in both timelines would affect the present Midnight Comics characters.

Also check out how we change the dynamics of the Avengers and the battles with the addition of the Midnight Comics characters and what the ramifications would be in future phases.

The MCU (Midnight Comics Universe) and MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) collide today on What if Wednesday.

What if Wednesday is a monthly show we do on Patreon and if you are interested in influencing the direction that the scenario takes be sure to sign up for Patreon and join the conversation live.

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