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Indie Breakdown

Welcome to indie breakdown where we breakdown your favorite indie comic characters powers, gadgets, and stats in preparation for the inevitable indie vs battle.

If you want us to breakdown your character fill out the form below  to schedule your Indie breakdown interview. 

Thank you for being part this journey and until next time...

Midnight is Coming

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Indie VS

With the completion of Indie breakdown we enter the next phase.


Indie Vs. 


A show where we take your favorite indie comic book characters and pit them against one another. We will take everything we know about them based on their current comic runs and the interview with the creators via our indie breakdown series and determine who would win an


Indie Vs matchup. 

If you want to enter your character into the vs matchup fill out the indie breakdown form above to schedule your Indie interview. 

And remember until next time...


Midnight is Coming

*If you want an early look at indie breakdown and indie vs join our patreon. There you will get the matchups and vs months in advance*


Want a full breakdown of your character?

Were you unable to get on the show? Are you interested in getting a character breakdown?  No worries we got you.

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Character Breakdown

Do you want a video breakdown of your character's powers, stats, and abilities?

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Character Sheet

Do you want a way to quantify all of the feats and abilities of your character? 

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Digital Card

Do you want to compile everything about your character into a digital card?

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