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What if Wednesday Episode 5

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

What if The Unbeloved were in the Avatar universe?

Book 1: Fire

The Twins in the Iceberg

Before we get started this What if will include our characters Hiruko and Awashima from our manga "The Unbeloved" They will have the same abilities as they do in the manga however when the events of Chapter 0 take place they don't suffer from any sort of amnesia. Instead they are the same version they were when they attacked Izanagi and Izanami. They are colder and more calculating. How will this affect the world of Avatar.

Find out below.

Sokka and Katara, two teenage siblings living in the South Pole, discover the avatar or so they think. Trapped in this iceberg are a pair of twins. After Katara frees them, the twins get their bearings.

Their unfreezing attracts the attention of the fire nations Zuko who is a short distance away.

Hiruko and Awashima are seen floating in the air looking around them before taking notice of Sokka and Katara.

Katara: Have there ever been two avatars at the same time?

Sokka: I don't know but why is that one missing arms and legs? Also why are they naked?!

Hiruko and Awashima look at themselves and then each other before creating energy clothes that look like clothes Sokka and Katara are wearing. With Hiruko proceeding to create energy limbs.

They begin to float down towards them.

Awashima: Why have you freed us?

Katara: We were looking for the avatar to help us.

Hiruko: The Avatar?

Awashima: Help with what exactly?

Sokka: The fire nation they are trying to take over the world.

Awashima and Hiruko look at each other.

Hiruko and Awashima: Through us a new era of order and structure will prevail no matter what it takes.

The two say with a very cold and calculating tone. Their tentacles sprout out towards Sokka and Katara. They are able to see the past and learn the general whereabouts of the fire nation.

Sokka and Katara survive this painful technique but pass out.

Awashima: Interesting

Hiruko: They aren't Yokai but...

Awashima: But they threaten the order of the world. They threaten the structure of peace.

Hiruko: Well I'm excited to see this bending of theirs.

Awashima: I wonder if it'll be as effective as mothers magic or dads spear.

Hiruko: Only one way to find out.

Hiruko says joyfully.

The twins Hiruko and Awashima fly off towards the fire nation.

Unfortunately for the water tribe pair Zuko is heading right for their location. Capturing them while unconscious for questioning. Meanwhile Iroh spots a glacier that appears to have someone inside meditating.

"The Avatar! I found him." Zuko exclaims with a prideful look on his face.

As ship gets closer to the glacier Zuko enthusiastically jumps off and prepares a fire blast.

"Zuko wait a moment!!" Iroh exclaims.

It's too late Zuko begins to fire a blast at the frozen Avatar (to defrost him) But just as the flames hit the ice. The avatars eyes open and a strong gust of wind pushing Zuko back onto the ship slamming onto the railing.

Aang looks around confused as to where he is and sees the ship. He jumps onto the ship.