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What if Wednesday Episode 4

Justice has fallen

A dark crisis looms over the multiverse as Pariah and his forces begin to dominate every universe in existence. However they only expected to face alternate versions of the justice league.

They didn’t account for all of the unseen beings that exist in the indieverse.

So when the dark army boom tubes in to this new Earth they are met with unfamiliar resistance. The Dark Army is welcomed by Midnight

The Dark Army consists of:

Pariah, Eclipso, Doomsday, The Empty Hand, Nekron, Neron, Darkseid, Ares, The Upside Down Man, The Spectre, and Deathstroke

Location: Washington D.C. (where the hall of justice normally is)


All comic feats allowed

Anything goes

Enemies are all blood lusted and controlled by the great darkness/Pariah.

(This slightly prevents enemies from fighting at full capacity.)

The Midnight Resistance consists of:

1) Chaya

Ability: Glory

Natural Divine Empowerment: Superhuman strength and durability

Unwavering faith (cannot not be influenced by other entities)

Spiritual Awareness/Mediumship

Can exorcise spirits, seal demons and evil spirits. Enhance her already immense strength.

2) Izanagi


- Light Manipulation: Blinding light

- Air manipulation: Shape and manipulate air

- Super human strength

-High durability

- Semi immortal

- Energy transferal


Ability: Essence



-Telekinetic Maneuver

-Telekinetic Pull/Push


- Spiritual Force Manipulation

-Create, shape, and manipulate their spiritual force into various forms of energy.

-Manifest energy into solid form and merge into existing objects.