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What if Wednesday Episode 4

Updated: Mar 19

Justice has fallen

A dark crisis looms over the multiverse as Pariah and his forces begin to dominate every universe in existence. However they only expected to face alternate versions of the justice league.

They didn’t account for all of the unseen beings that exist in the indieverse.

So when the dark army boom tubes in to this new Earth they are met with unfamiliar resistance. The Dark Army is welcomed by Midnight

The Dark Army consists of:

Pariah, Eclipso, Doomsday, The Empty Hand, Nekron, Neron, Darkseid, Ares, The Upside Down Man, The Spectre, and Deathstroke

Location: Washington D.C. (where the hall of justice normally is)


All comic feats allowed

Anything goes

Enemies are all blood lusted and controlled by the great darkness/Pariah.

(This slightly prevents enemies from fighting at full capacity.)

The Midnight Resistance consists of:

1) Chaya

Ability: Glory

Natural Divine Empowerment: Superhuman strength and durability

Unwavering faith (cannot not be influenced by other entities)

Spiritual Awareness/Mediumship

Can exorcise spirits, seal demons and evil spirits. Enhance her already immense strength.

2) Izanagi


- Light Manipulation: Blinding light

- Air manipulation: Shape and manipulate air

- Super human strength

-High durability

- Semi immortal

- Energy transferal


Ability: Essence



-Telekinetic Maneuver

-Telekinetic Pull/Push


- Spiritual Force Manipulation

-Create, shape, and manipulate their spiritual force into various forms of energy.

-Manifest energy into solid form and merge into existing objects.


Ability: Essence



-Telekinetic Maneuver

-Telekinetic Pull/Push (Pressure)


-Spiritual Force Manipulation

-Create, shape, and manipulate their spiritual force into various forms of energy.

-Manifest energy into solid form and merge into existing objects

-Minor nature manipulation

Essence Release

All of his attacks become enhanced as the power progresses. Following the conflict most of the power boost dissipates. Any energy that doesn’t dissipate is added to his Spiritual Force.



-Nature Manipulation

- Super human strength

-High durability

-Semi immortal

6) The Butterfly


Knockout gas

Hand to hand combat expert

Grappling hook

Blinding strobe lights


7) Blue Morpho


Knockout gas

hand to hand combat expert

Camouflage (via temp activated color changing fabric.)


Tranquilizer gun


Blinding strobe lights (in her helmets eyeballs)


Ability: Mastery of Fire

- Pyrokinesis

- Fire Creation

- Fire Manipulation/mimicry

- Magic/Spells

- Karate

- Flight


Ability: Essence



-Telekinetic Maneuver

-Telekinetic Pull/Push


- Spiritual Force Manipulation

-Create, shape, and manipulate their spiritual force into various forms of energy.

-Manifest energy into solid form and merge into existing objects

- Emotion Inducement

- Bliss and Horror inducement

-Fear inducement

-Guilt inducement

-Sadness Inducement

-Hatred and Self Hatred inducement

10)The Grey


Gauntlets: Particle accelerators attached to her wrist and hands. Upon activation the particle accelerators create two black holes both at a size .5mm each.

-Shoot non lethal particle beam energy to knock out opponents.

-She is able to knock out foes, due to the radiation that her particle accelerators give off.

-Has to monitor output as too much pressure can kill her target.

*An overload could cause gadgets to break and have terrible effects on her.*


Abilities: Glory

-Worshiping/Prayer empowerment

-Physical attributes are increased.


-Photokinetic Constructs (aka Light Constructs)

*Can combine this with her exorcism abilities that can serve as a sealing technique or a means of eradicating the demon.*

Engineering prodigy:

-Has built machinery that has greatly increased her speed and mobility

-Has built the scanning and communications devices to make recon easier for the other recon teams. (they are in the form of smart contacts)

12) Sol



-Super Strength

-Super speed

-Super Durability


Darkness surrounds him and the heat of the sun is concentrated on him as he absorbs it. (Can fire this off as a blast or enhance his strength with this.)

Magnetic field flux causes electricity to spark around him.

Solar Flare:

When Sol absorbs too much energy his body begins to shoot out solar flares to dispel that energy.

The flares lash out like whips uncontrollably.

Some spoilers for the Dark Crisis story in DC from this point forward you have been warned.

Following the death of the Justice League Pariah goes on to rebuild his Anti-Matter Chamber. The plan is to use the most powerful heroes to power his machine and destroy the multiverse.

The Dark Army appears.

"The Energy here is different and...Powerful. Perfect." Pariah says with a smile.

The Dark army begins to destroy everything immediately around them to lure out the heroes. The first one to appear is Admani, using the nearby flames as a portal.

"Oh my god. What have you done?" Admani questions as she draws all the fire to herself successfully extinguishing the fires in the city.

With the fire swirling around her she proceeds to fire it off at Pariah.

Pariah is seen smirking as he is completely engulfed by the flames.

"Interesting, I've traveled so many worlds within the multiverse however I don't believe I've ever encountered you before." Pariah says.

"The Multiverse?" Admani exclaims

"I see you aren't aware of the multiverse here. How...unfortunate." Pariah responds as Doomsday charges in towards Admani.

The area gets dark and the only thing that can be seen is a singular light charging towards Doomsday. Sol punches Doomsday with everything he has sending him flying.

"You alright kid?" Sol says.

"You're the...Sunspot!!" Admani exclaims

"I just go by Sol besides I'm pretty sure someone else has that name."

Sol says while placing his hand on his chin trying to remember if someone else has the name.

Taharqa speaking to Sol on comms: The Butterfly and Blue Morpho are en route to your location now.

Sol: Will they even make it in time?

Taharqa: Of course they will I've upgraded their equipment and jetpacks they should be arriving any minute now.

Sol: Understood, I'm here with that the fire girl from New York. We will try to hold them off until back up arrives.

Admani: You know who I am?

Sol doesn't hear what she says

Pariah: A yellow lantern with no ring and an avatar of fire.

Sol: Who are you supposed to be? And what is a yellow lantern?

Pariah: Fascinating, The multiverse continues to surprise even me. I hope there are more heroes in this world that can help you because you'll be needing all the help you can get.

Darkseid and the rest of the Dark army appear surrounding Sol and Admani.

Sol: oh crap!

Darkseid fires his Omega beams at the two. The fly into the air attempting to dodge the beams.

Sol: There's no shaking these things.

Admani: "I've got an idea."

Admani generates fire in her hands and shoots them at the beams. The beams disappear into the fire and reappear through another flame striking Darkseid.

Sol: Good work kid.

Admani: It's Admani.

Sol: Well done Admani. Let's get back to work.

She nods and looks at the terrifying beings that stand below them.

Sol and Admani charge towards the other Dark Army members below. Just as they are about to connect their strikes. Doomsday returns striking Sol with Ares attacking Admani.

The two of them crash into buildings the people in them scream.

Pariah: Well this is disappointing. I really hoped that the two of you would put up more of a challenge. This world had such potential it appears I was once more mistaken.

Pariah begins to walk away looking back over his shoulder before commanding the upside down man and doomsday to attack

Sol and Admani grit their teeth preparing for what's to come and getting into attack position.

"THOUSAND WIND!!!!!" Izanagi shouts

The upside down man effortlessly dodges the attack with Doomsday blocking the technique.

"That's a sturdy one wouldn't you say?" Izanagi questions.

"Indeed my love however..." Izanami starts her blade piercing doomsday from behind.

"They usually are the most predictable. Makes the fight so boring." Izanami finishes."

Doomsday attempts to grab her blade slicing its own fingers her blade.

"Still got some fight left. This could be more interesting than we thought." Izanami says pulling her sword out and landing on the ground to assess the situation.

"Thanks for the assist there. However, I must ask who are you guys?" Sol asks.

"We can discuss that later but now I think we have some more pressing matters." Izanagi yells.

Deathstroke out of the shadows appears attempting to run a sword through Izanami. With the butterfly from above going for a flying kick. He dodges attempting to shoot at her. Right as he aims towards her she catches him off guard with her built in blinding lights. This throws Slade off for a moment enough time for The Blue Morpho punch Slade in the face and a side kick into his gut. With Slade doubled over the butterfly uppercuts him with the help of her jetpack to gather more momentum. The blue Morpho also using her jetpack slams him into the ground doing a front flip into a kick.

Izanami: Well thanks.

Blue Morpho: No problem, you would do well not to let your guard down.

Izanami smirks.

Izanami: I'll keep that in mind.

Izanagi: Why are you thanking them? That humans blade wouldn't have hurt you.

Blue Morpho: That human?

Sol: You made it?

Sol flies over to the blue morpho.

"We did. Are you familiar with those two?" Blue morpho asks.

" Not at all." Sol says looking back at all the enemies standing before them.

Admani also flies over.

"Well hello there fire girl. What's your name?" The Butterfly asks joining the conversation.

"The names Admani. Nice to meet you all. Though I'd like to know how everyone knows who I am." Admani says.

"Well Taharaqa..." Sol starts but is interrupted by Neron and Spectre attacking.

Sol fires off a blast at Neron with Admani firing a blast at Spectre. The two taking off to meet the challenge in front of them.

Deathstroke begins to get up.

"Looks like somebody wants some more." The Butterfly says cracking her knuckles.

"You enjoy this way too much mom." Blue Morpho responds.

Izanagi scans the enemies below

"Izanami, I'll take on the one with glowing red eyes, the one in the green cape, and undead looking guy. You can handle the rest. Izanagi says

"Well that's not like you. You usually want all the kills for yourself." Izanami responds.

Izanagi chuckles at this rubbing the back of his head before getting serious.

"Well I can feel that these guys are the challenges I've been looking for. So no need for me to hog all the glory this time." Izanagi says

"Curious, you think you can take on three of us alone? Not even the so called man of steel would assume as much." Pariah says

" I don't know this man of steel you speak of. But I Izanagi of Onogoro the slayer..." Izanagi is punched by Darkseid.

"Well you pack quite the punch don't you. THOUSAND WIND!!!!" Izanagi yells.

The wind from the attack stops Darkseid in his tracks. The new god blocking the ferocity

"You're strength is impressive but from the looks of it you can't take on all three of us." Pariah says appearing behind Izanagi.

Izanagi smirks and swings his spear at Pariah.

"You underestimate us." Izanagi says as he uses his air manipulation to charge at Pariah faster than he can react. Izanagi kicks Pariah down to the ground.

Pariah slightly annoyed picks himself up next to his machine and wipes some blood from his nose.

Just then Nekron jumps into the air towards Izanagi with some undead minions. Izanagi prepares to attack them when all of the sudden several photon blasts incinerate the undead minions. This does serious damage to Nekron as well.

"IT WORKS!!" The Grey exclaims.

"A beam strong enough to take out the black lanterns with ease. That was unexpected." Pariah says.

The Blue Morpho and The butterfly locked in combat with Deathstroke their knives locked with his swords.

"I was wondering when she'd show up." The Blue Morpho says.

"I don't think she's ready for this kind of fight." The butterfly says.

"Neither do I. However there is nothing we can do to help here unless we finish things off here with this guy." The Blue Morpho responds.

Their battle continues with a flurry of knife and sword strikes. The Butterfly and Blue Morpho barely dodging Deathstrokes attacks.

"Looks like the level these gauntlets are calibrated are more than enough to take you down." The Grey says looking smirking at Nekron while charging up another blast from her upgraded gauntlets.

"Well then I think you all have had your fun. Everyone Attack!!!!" Pariah Commands. However he realizes that he doesn't see any of them mobilize. Just as he realizes it he is locked in place by some sort of light construct.

"What is this?" Pariah questions.

"We're exorcising the evil that we sense within you. This is for your own good." Chaya says.

"There's no way you can expel the great darkness" Pariah.

"Well then you must not be aware of the one above all things. A being who's very presence could destroy your great darkness." Reina says.

A light forms around Pariah. His connection to other entities begin to weaken.

"How is this possible?" Pariah begins to question.

"Watch out!!" Chaya screams

Ares swings his blade at Reina who barely dodges. It's revealed that Reina has a cut across her face. She gets into her battle stance ready to take on the God of War.

Meanwhile in the distance Hiruko and Ebisu have the upside down man cornered. Using essence to contain him.

"Is this one of those Yokai that the Shinshoku had to fight against." Hiruko asks excitedly.

"Can we save all the questions for after this is over." Ebisu asks.

"Sorry Ebisu?" Hiruko responds

"Its nothing to apologize for. We just need you to focus so we can beat these guys." Awashima says while using her ability to pin down Eclipso with her abilities.

Alright so this is where I'm going to stop with the scenario I think I started to get really into this but I know this post has already gotten super long.

The Midnight heroes lost the moment Chaya and Reina loosened Pariah from The Great Darkness. Although the dark army is an imposing force because they are under the influence of the great darkness they are unable to fight at their full potential.

For example in the actual dark crisis event Superman makes the observation that Darkseid isn't a brawler but yet that's how he was being used. So I believe with that advantage lost the matchups would like this:

The Match ups

1) Chaya vs. Pariah (Win)- Being caught off guard and not fully understanding how Chayas ability works Pariah would be sealed and prevented from interfering with the match. Also Chaya's strength and abilities come from Adonai who alone would be stronger than the pantheon that grants Black Adam his power.

2) Izanagi vs. Darkseid (Loss) - Both very durable I believe an extended blast of Omega beams would be too much for Izanagi to handle.

3) Hiruko and Ebisu vs. Upside down man (Draw)- Because the upside down man is ultimately able to counter magic he doesn't have a answer for the essence abilities that Hiruko and Ebisu utilize.

4) Izanami vs. Doomsday (Win) - The magical properties of Izanamis blade would allow her to use her nature manipulation and freeze Doomsday effectively taking him out of the battle.

5) The Butterfly and Blue Morpho vs. Deathstroke (Loss)- Deathstroke has many more years of training and experience. His finesse once he is in his right sense would ultimately led to him dominating the two in battle.

6) Admani vs. The Spectre (Loss)- Although she does have some magic capabilities it isn't enough to stand up to the Spectre. Even taking into account her fire abilities there is simply nothing Admani could do to stand up against the spectre.

7) Awashima vs. Eclipso (Win) - This battle could be quite easy for Awashima as she has an ability as the leech child to absorb ones life essence and ability. So theres nothing Eclipso can do about that especially since in its early stages the means she uses this ability can't be seen with the naked eye.

8) The Grey vs Nekron (Win) - The Radiation from her photon beams could instantly decompose anything it hits based on the calibration. There isn't much defense against that if they don't know what hit them. As we witnessed Nekron was caught completely offguard. An arguement can be made that a force could block it. However these beams are powered by black holes. So at max out put those gauntlets could overtake his shield.

9) Reina vs. Ares (Win) - Because she trusts in Adonai and his ability to rid evil from the world. There is no malicious intent or thoughts of war coming from her. So she would be able to seal Ares away with little effort without him even benefiting from the battle around him.

10) Sol vs. Neron (Loss)- Neron has reality warping abilities there is nothing in Sols arsenal that can stop that. It's over before it begins for Sol.

Last but not least we still havent included The Empty Hand. Which even combined in their current state none of our characters stand a chance against him. This guy took out Darkseid wielding the crack in the universe with no effort.

Unfortunately in this scenario Midnight has fallen.

With all that being said we hope you enjoyed this scenario. The next ones won't be this long but if you did like this scenario and break down please let us know.

Stay tuned for the next What if Wednesday scenario.

Have you had the opportunity to read our actual stories well follow the link below and get to know the characters in this weeks what if.

Have you read the dark crisis event? Check it out

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