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Midnight Adventures Episode 7: The Sins of Black Adam

Updated: Mar 19

Oracle: We got a priority message coming out of Kahndaq.

The Grey: Kahndaq? I've heard of that place; isn't that under the control of...

Oracle: Black Adam.

The Grey: If we're getting a call from Black Adam, the situation must be really bad. If I remember correctly, he isn't one to ask for help.

Oracle: You are correct about that. I'm sending the message to your digital journal now. If you're able to assist with this, it will be a great help. Good luck

The Grey: Gotcha, thanks

The Grey opens the digital journal that appears like a hologram out of her wrist device.

"Black Adam's attempt to rescue Isis has backfired horribly." He traded Kanhdaq to the Lord of the Underworld in exchange for releasing at least part of Isis, but Neron tricked Black Adam by releasing her cruel, evil, deadly half. Help Black Adam reclaim Kahndaq, reunite the deadly and virtuous halves of Isis, and restore Kahndaq.

The Grey: Great back to the underworld Oracle, I'll take it

The grey talks into her communicator.

Oracle: That's great; you'll have some backup this time. from another displaced hero.

The Grey: Is it the Blue Morpho? Please say it's the Blue Morpho!

Oracle: Well, the best I can tell you is that his outfit is blue.

The Grey: Dang it, ok.

Oracle: Be careful, Shameka. Things don't seem to be getting better, and we're no closer to getting you home.

The Grey: Hey, no worries, we will figure out how I can get home once we fix things here. I'm just happy to help, and on top of that, I'm learning so much here.

Oracle: I envy your optimism. If you need anything, let me know. Oracle out.

The Grey (thinking to herself): Things aren't getting better...

Shameka shakes her head.

The Grey: Get it together, Shameka. Time for the mission.

Shameka heads to the boom tube leading to what they called the infernal Kahndaq. In the distance, conversing with Dr. Fate and Shazam is a hero named Akolyte.

The Grey: I guess I'm a bit late. What have I missed?

Dr. Fate: Welcome, wielder of the wounds.

Akolyte raises an eyebrow.

Akolyte: Who is the wielder of the wounds?

The Grey: He's talking about my gear. It's powered by black holes.

Shazam: Wait until you see it in action; it looks so awesome.

Akolyte: Sorry, kid, I'm not sure if you're going to be able to keep up with what we are about to face with your gloves.

The Grey: Kid?

Dr. Fate: You'll find the wielder of the wounds is a bit more capable than you give her credit for.

Akolyte: Well, try to keep up.

Akolyte takes off towards the city center.

The Grey: If he really took off, what are we even fighting against?

Shazam: "Well, thanks to Black Adam's deal with the devil, Kahndaq is now the domain of Neron's Underworld.

The Grey: I've dealt with demons before, so this shouldn't be too bad.

Shazam: "Well, not only are there demons, but there is also something so powerful the wizard called us from the Rock of Eternity to warn us about one of the Seven Deadly. Its name is injustice.

The Grey: Seven Deadly? Like the Seven Deadly Sins?

Dr. Fate: The very same.

The Grey: I didn't think there were embodiments of sins.

Hawkgirl appears from the skies, landing next to the group.

Hawkgirl: The tomb raiders have been taken care of. These new heroes have been a great help. If anyone else comes along, tell them Mary could use their assistance. She said the undead are rising up and spreading, and she doesn't think they are connected to Neron's invasion.

The Grey looks on like a fangirl. Hawkgirl takes notice and smirks.

Hawkgirl: Thanks for coming out to assist.

The Grey: Whatever I can do to help I'd love to study those wings and that mace. Maybe when all of this is over I can...

Hawkgirl is surprised by The Grey's enthusiastic rambling.

Hawkgirl: Um... I'm off to help Mary. Send whatever extra help you've got. I'll be sure to send the coordinates.

The Grey: I can...

Before she can finish what she's about to say, Dr. Fate interrupts her.

Dr. Fate: You have other matters to deal with. You and the son of the supreme have another mission.

Shameka puts her fist into her palm.

The Grey: You're right, I guess I need to catch up.

Shameka uses her grapple hook and zips off in the direction Akolyte fled. Once she reaches the peak of grapple, she activates her jet glided boots to hover over the city. Shameka spots Akolyte fighting a group of demons.

The Grey: There they are.

Shameka fires several blasts, eliminating a group of demons.

Akolyte looks at her as she lands next to him.

Akolyte: So you can't fly?

The Grey: I can with these jet glided boots they What, we're fighting a horde of demons, and that's the first thing you say? I just saved your sorry butt.

Akolyte: I could've handled these gremlins. I'm warming up for the actual threat.

Akolyte is punching through the demons with little effort as they charge after the pair.

The Grey: You're welcome, jerk.

Akolyte: Whatever Jet Glide. Let's get back to work.

The Grey: My name is "The Grey."

Shameka says while firing more blasts at the demons. She intensifies her blasts, taking out more and more demons.

Akolyte: I guess I can take it up a notch as well.

Akolyte says as he proceeds to fire his own blasts.

Shameka gets a reading on her wrist device once he does this.

The Grey: This energy that you're outputting It's familiar but different. It's cosmic in the same way my gear works.

In her moment of distraction, a couple demons jump in for an attack.

Akolyte saves her by punching one and blasting the other with one hand.

Akolyte: You're welcome.

Akolyte says as he flies off to face more demons. Shameka rolls her eyes as she grapples and glides towards the action. On their way, they are attacked by the flames of injustice.

Akolyte: Watch out!!!

Shameka is engulfed by the black flames and slammed down to the ground by the viscous assault of the flames of injustice.

Akolyte goes in to back her up, and another group of demons appears, also firing the intense black flames.

Akolyte: They just keep coming.

Akolyte says as he counters with his own blast, overpowering the demons. With those demons gone, Akolyte turns his attention back to helping the Grey. Just as he starts, however, he notices something.

Akolyte notices a shield piercing through the smoke and dust.

Akolyte smirks.

Akolyte: You had me worried for a second Jet Glide.

Shameka smirks while maintaining her shield with both arms outstretched.

The Grey: That's because you underestimate me.

The Grey is seen with blood dripping from her head. The impact from her landing caused the injury.

She deflects the flames toward the demons with her shield as it dissipates. The demons get out of the way as their own attack hurdles towards them.

Just as they get out of the way and regain their bearings. Energy is seen building up in her hand and just as she clenches her fist time around the enemies gets distorted, holding them in place.

The demons are frozen in place and confused. The distortion clears all the smoke and reveals The Grey's slightly damaged armor and cape. With one hand clenched, holding the demons in place, she fires a massive energy blast, incinerating them.

The Grey: Now let's finish this.

The two turn their attention towards the main form of injustice. A huge group of other displaced heroes are seen facing off against Injustice. Akolyte charges in matching the beast blow for blow. The Grey uses her gloves to create a shield for all the heroes in the vicinity.

They take notice of what's happening, some looking up to give a nod of appreciation before facing the demon once more. A coordinated charge towards the enemy begins. Before the demon can counter or send out any demons, heavy hitters like Akolyte and Shazam are knocking him off balance. Several elemental uses engulf it in a barrage of ice and fire. While The Grey slows it down with her time distortion and Dr. Fate backs everyone up with his magical abilities.

Injustice screams in agony as it explodes, and with it, all the demons it spawned are wiped from existence due to their connection with its essence. All the displaced heroes cheer the defeat of this monster.

Dr. Fate: You have done well here today, heroes. We would not have reached victory so swiftly without you. However, we must cut this celebration short. As fate would have it, several of you are needed elsewhere immediately. Be well on your journey, and thank you.

Before anyone can respond, a light overtakes most of them The Grey and Akolyte are included, and they are transported to another location. When they come to The Grey they notice her gear is repaired and her wounds have healed.

The Grey: Never a dull moment Where are we?

Lois Lane: Lexcorp.

Lois and Jimmy walk up from behind. Akolyte raises his eyebrows.

Akolyte: Why are you two at Lexcorp alone? Isn't this place a bit dangerous for you two? Where's Super...

Superman zips in from above, breaking through the ceiling and punching Amazo from the ceiling and through the ground below.

Superman: Right here.

The Grey: Wow

The Grey looks on, attempting to contain her fangirling.

The Grey: All my time here, I haven't had a chance to meet him up close.

Akolyte: I would've expected you to be able to clean this mess up on your own.

Superman: Even the best of us need help sometimes. Speaking of which.

Amazo rises from the rubble.

Jimmy: Uhm, guys, the bad robot is getting up.

Superman: Lois, Jimmy, I think it's time for the two of you to leave.

Lois: Be careful; we'll see you when it's done.

Jimmy and Lois run off.

Superman: Shall we?

Superman says this while smiling at the two displaced heroes. Akolyte uncrosses his arms as The Grey shrugs her shoulders.

The Grey: Let's do this.

The three charge towards Amazo. As they do, another bright light appears, and another displaced hero emerges. lmaoidkanymore3791 has arrived.

To be continued...

Will they prevail over Amazo? What else is hidden within Lexcorp that Dr. Fate would send displaced heroes to help the man of steel himself? And who is this new displaced hero?

All this and more on next week's Midnight Adventures.

We're converting this story into an audio drama if you want to hear how this story has come to life check out our Youtube channel via the link below

We truly hope you enjoyed this story. If you want to be apart of our stories join us on DC Universe online so that you can be in the next exciting adventure.

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