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The Sins of Black Adam

Oracle: We got a priority message coming out of Kahndaq.

The Grey: Kahndaq? I've heard of that place; isn't that under the control of...

Oracle: Black Adam.

The Grey: If we're getting a call from Black Adam, the situation must be really bad. If I remember correctly, he isn't one to ask for help.

Oracle: You are correct about that. I'm sending the message to your digital journal now. If you're able to assist with this, it will be a great help. Good luck

The Grey: Gotcha, thanks

The Grey opens the digital journal that appears like a hologram out of her wrist device.

"Black Adam's attempt to rescue Isis has backfired horribly." He traded Kanhdaq to the Lord of the Underworld in exchange for releasing at least part of Isis, but Neron tricked Black Adam by releasing her cruel, evil, deadly half. Help Black Adam reclaim Kahndaq, reunite the deadly and virtuous halves of Isis, and restore Kahndaq.

The Grey: Great back to the underworld Oracle, I'll take it

The grey talks into her communicator.

Oracle: That's great; you'll have some backup this time. from another displaced hero.

The Grey: Is it the Blue Morpho? Please say it's the Blue Morpho!

Oracle: Well, the best I can tell you is that his outfit is blue.

The Grey: Dang it, ok.

Oracle: Be careful, Shameka. Things don't seem to be getting better, and we're no closer to getting you home.

The Grey: Hey, no worries, we will figure out how I can get home once we fix things here. I'm just happy to help, and on top of that, I'm learning so much here.

Oracle: I envy your optimism. If you need anything, let me know. Oracle out.

The Grey (thinking to herself): Things aren't getting better...

Shameka shakes her head.

The Grey: Get it together, Shameka. Time for the mission.

Shameka heads to the boom tube leading to what they called the infernal Kahndaq. In the distance, conversing with Dr. Fate and Shazam is a hero named Akolyte.

The Grey: I guess I'm a bit late. What have I missed?

Dr. Fate: Welcome, wielder of the wounds.

Akolyte raises an eyebrow.

Akolyte: Who is the wielder of the wounds?

The Grey: He's talking about my gear. It's powered by black holes.

Shazam: Wait until you see it in action; it looks so awesome.

Akolyte: Sorry, kid, I'm not sure if you're going to be able to keep up with what we are about to face with your gloves.

The Grey: Kid?

Dr. Fate: You'll find the wielder of the wounds is a bit more capable than you give her credit for.

Akolyte: Well, try to keep up.

Akolyte takes off towards the city center.

The Grey: If he really took off, what are we even fighting against?

Shazam: "Well, thanks to Black Adam's deal with the devil, Kahndaq is now the domain of Neron's Underworld.

The Grey: I've dealt with demons before, so this shouldn't be too bad.

Shazam: "Well, not only are there demons, but there is also something so powerful the wizard called us from the Rock of Eternity to warn us about one of the Seven Deadly. Its name is injustice.

The Grey: Seven Deadly? Like the Seven Deadly Sins?

Dr. Fate: The very same.

The Grey: I didn't think there were embodiments of sins.

Hawkgirl appears from the skies, landing next to the group.

Hawkgirl: The tomb raiders have been taken care of. These new heroes have been a great help. If anyone else comes along, tell them Mary could use their assistance. She said the undead are rising up and spreading, and she doesn't think they are connected to Neron's invasion.

The Grey looks on like a fangirl. Hawkgirl takes notice and smirks.

Hawkgirl: Thanks for coming out to assist.