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Midnight Adventures Episode 2: To Hell and Back

Some time has passed since the heroes from other worlds appeared. They’ve all had to acclimate in their own way. Shameka has been recruited by Oracle to help out on The Watchtower.

Oracle: You’re doing a great job out there. The Lords of Order, Project Cadmus and Magnus robotics have stepped up to offer a hand. Why don’t you go chat with Will Magnus in the tech wing. He’s one of the premiere tech minds of this generation and definitely the go to guy to learn about Research and development.

The Grey: Perfect, maybe he can help implement my tech to help with this universal displacement. If we could just figure out a way to triangulate the ripples in space time to an exact point maybe we can get everyone home.

Oracle: Maybe, I’m sending Mr Terrific your tech schematics now so maybe he can figure something out.

The Grey: Let me know what you find out.

Oracle: Will do. Oracle out.

Shameka walks through the watchtower seeing the multitude of heroes flying and zipping past. Some are sparring with one another, others forming alliances. Shameka is still amazed by this world full of heroes. Just before she gets lost in her thoughts she reaches Dr. Magnus.

Dr. Magnus: Hello, you must be Shameka Day, I’ve heard about your work. Your tech has helped to delve deeper into the mysteries of quantum energy. Outstanding work.

Shameka puts her hands on her hip and smiles excitedly.

The Grey: Thank you Dr. My hope is to extend this tech further and figure out a means of universal travel or at the very least stabilize the universe.

Dr Magnus: If you need any assistance with your next inventions just know that Magnus robotics is at your disposal.

The Grey: Well as a matter a fact…

Dr. Magnus and The Grey are interrupted by the appearance of John Constantine. Constantine uses a magical means of teleportation to make a dramatic entrance.

Constantine: There you are. How’ve ya been?

The Grey: Well I…

Constantine: Alright Alright, I’ll cut the chumminess. I’m collecting things with power and I hear you’re looking for enough power to get back home.

The Grey: How’d you…?

Constantine: Come with me and I’ll give you the details.

Shameka looks over at Dr. Magnus who shrugs his shoulders.

Dr Magnus: I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Shameka nods at Dr. Magnus.

The Grey: Alright let’s go then.

Constantine: Good, for a moment there I thought you weren’t interested in power beyond your wildest dreams.

The Grey: What kind of power are we talking about here?

Constantine: Artifacts.

The Grey: What kind of artifacts?

Constantine: The kind of artifacts that you want out of the hands of the monsters carrying them. You in or out, mate?

The Grey: Feel like you just dragged me into something that has nothing to do with what I'm looking for.

Constantine: Doesn’t sound like an objection to me. First stop… we’re going to Hell. I mean why save it for last, let’s just jump right in, eh mate?

The Grey: Excuse me? Did you just say…

Constantine opens a portal that pulls the two of them into the fiery depths of the underworld. The two land

Constantine: Let’s make this quick. I’m pretty sure they’re keepin my seat warm.

The Grey: Wonderful. First the discovery of a multiverse and now I’m trapped in hell. What else will I be dragged into?

Constantine: Alright, we’re after the Rings of Azar. Pretty little things imbued with the souls of long past Azarathians. The hippy folks that long stood against Trigon. You may have seen rings like these before. Your friend Raven has a set to keep the demons at bay. The demons inside.

The Grey: Raven?

Constantine: Not familiar? Figured you were all chum with the heroes topside by now. Anyway, ladies first.

Constantine gestures towards a spiraling staircase that leads into darkness.. Waiting for them below are a group of blood cultists. The two battle it out against the waves of underworld cultists. Shameka effortlessly uses her gloves to over power the enemies. Shameka uses her gloves to propel herself into the group shooting blasts that slow down and make her opponents heavier. Constantine is seen in the background shooting magical energy defeating a separate group of cultists.

The Grey: Thought I would see more demons down here.

Constantine: Different section of hell.

The Grey: How big is this place?

Constantine: Big enough to potentially fit the souls of everyone who ever lived. Pretty damn big I'd say.