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Midnight Adventures Episode 4: Shock to the system

Narration: Dakota City is in chaos. Heroes are going missing. Static and Rocket send out the call for help and The Grey answers the call. What dangers lie in wait for her? Find out today on Midnight Adventures

The Grey: Looks like I made it

Shameka enters the clinic noticing that Static and Ebon are conversing.

The Grey: And… I’m the only one here. Things still aren’t getting better, every team is still spread so thin. The league, The society, not even a member of the titans are here.

Static: Can’t believe it!

The Grey: Hey Static. What’s going on?

Static: The clinic supposed to be helping Bang Babies trafficking them instead?

The Grey: Oh my god that’s horrible.

Ebon: I’m coming for my gang, Hero, forget the rest.

The Grey: Forget the rest? How could you even say something like that?

Static: Wow, I told you this affects everyone with powers, but I guess trying to teach you something is like talking to a black hole.

The Grey: Pointless.

Ebon, having enough of the conversation, uses his shadow abilities to move deeper into the clinic leaving the pair behind. Static and Shameka follow suit. However as they get closer to the elevator that will lead them to the lower levels they are ambushed by a black ops team.

The Grey: Expected a super villain but I can’t say I’m not surprised it’s a black ops team. The government had to get a hold of those artifacts me and Constantine found somehow. But trafficking kids that’s unacceptable and you idiots are going to regret it.

Shamekas hands light up as she warps gravity in front of her.. The soldiers buckle under the pressure falling to their knees or laying flat on the floor.

The Grey: Get to the elevator I’ll be right there.

She releases the pressure and fires a blast at each of them. More guards appear as Shameka blasts and fights them off. Blocking a barrage of gunfire and keeping the attention off of Static.

Static: Uh, Cyborg, this elevator’s got some heavy duty locks. You got anything for that?

Cyborg: On it. Ok you have to confirm my inputs manually.

Static: Got it!

Shameka: Good I’m finishing up now.

A solider takes out his hand gun and fires at Shameka. Shameka however was prepared for it and use energy shield formed from her glove to disintegrate the bullet. She walks towards the operative and fills up her fist with energy before punching him. Knocking the operative out.

Cyborg: You need anything else, gimme a call, ok?

Shameka and Static enter the elevator and emerge on the lower levels to find Ebon standing outside the cells of his gang members.

Static: It’s Ebon!

The Grey: There you are. The nerve of you to leave us behind like that.

Ebon: Hey metal man? Spring my gang so we can put on a real show.

The Grey: So you're just going to ignore us.

Cyborg: Of course. There you go.

Ebon: Time for the show. Now you see us, Now you don’t.

The Grey: Did he…

Static: Wow pretty wack show, Ebon.

The Grey: He did. He really just left us…Again.

Cyborg: Guess that tracks…lemme get the next door for yah.

The Grey: Thanks Cyborg.

Static and Shameka enter the room and are met with more black ops agents.

The Grey: Of course there’s more.

Black Ops Agent: For the Major!!

The Grey: The Major? Well it couldn’t be Major Force. What are the chances of that?

Static and Shameka make quick work of this group of operatives and just as they finish they are met with the appearance of known other than Major Force

Major Force: Not one step closer to the Boom Tube portal to Apokolips!

The Grey: You gotta be kidding me. Not you again?

Static: The what to the where?

The Grey: Wait did he say Apokolips?

Major Force: Before DeSaad started paying good money for test subjects, this facility was full of parasites draining society!!

Static: De-who now? Wait, slow down there, pinky!

Major Force: But I kept one Parasite for myself. This’ll stop all you powered freaks!

Parasites: FEED ME!!!

The Grey: WHOA!! What the heck is that?!!!


Static and Shameka get into a battle position. Static firing his electricity and Shameka firing her own blasts. Both them begin to accidentally cause Parasite to power up. Shameka notices this and changes her gameplan.

The Grey: Wait a second he’s getting stronger from our attacks. Duh he’s a parasite he feeds off of energy. So…I got it. Two can play at that game. Static I have an idea but it’s a dangerous one. I need for you to stop attacking him and get behind something.

Static: Got it!

The Grey: Alright Shameka just recalibrate your blasts to absorb instead of project and take back all of the energy he’s gained and don’t get everyone killed. Easy peasy.

Parasite: How…how is this possible?

The Grey: It’s working.

Parasite is defeated having all of his energy drained. Shamekas gloves are glowing and the power is immense. She is struggling to even hold her arms up because of the amount of pressure the energy she absorbed is radiating.

Static: We call that, messin’ around and finding out.

Major Force: It falls on me to be the last defender of society, of decency.

Static: Bro, if you think it’s decent to kidnap citizens and send them to a place called Apokolips to be test subjects, you are Major Goofy!

Major Force: I love it when they don’t surrender

Before Major Force can even attack the group. Shameka manages to fire off all the energy she absorbed into Major Force knocking him out instantly. Shameka breathes heavy finally free of the pressure all that energy caused her.

The Grey: I really don’t like that guy.

Static: At least he has the decency to know when he’s been beaten, damn.

Just as they start to breathe easy. DeSaad walks through the Boom Tube.

DeSaad: I’d complain about wasting Earth money, but my investment is paying off after all. The data I would get from experimenting on you would be exquisite.

The Grey: Is that… DeSaad.

DeSaad: My current test subjects tolerate so little pain, and where’s the fun in that?

Static: Hold up, you’re buyin Bang babies just so you can hurt them for fun?! Not even Ebon deserves that..

DeSaad: It’s not about deserve. It’s about science. Step into the portal. Try to rescue them. I want to feel your anguish when you fail.

Rocket: How about I let you feel my foot to your face!

The Grey: Is that?


DeSaad laughs as he enter the Boom Tube. Shameka turns around and notices that Rocket has arrived.

The Grey: Rocket?!

Static: Aw man, if you had been here a minute earlier, he’d have been on the floor for sure!!

Rocket: Me and Icon were busy helping out somewhere else.

The Grey: At least you’re here now. We could definitely use the help.

Static: He’s coming to?

Icon: It’s Icon and I, Rocket. I appreciate the enthusiasm young man, and that’s a great question. However, a greater task demands my attention. Consider this challenge an opportunity for you to test your mettle.

Static: Welp, I bet you’ll be easier to work with than Ebon.

The Grey: What else could be going on that has Icon occupied. When will it end?

The group walks into the portal chasing after DeSaad.

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