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Midnight Adventures Episode 2: A Glowing Love

Shameka is seen wandering around the watchtower. Still amazed at everything that she has seen and experienced.

Shameka: I wonder if we could use the device Alternate Lex used to get here and modify it to send everyone who was displaced back home. But how could we get everyone back home and…

Green Lantern: I know what you’re thinking…The star sapphires are at it again… forcing love on everyone in the city with no regard for much else but they’re actually here to help. They’re trying to make amends for what happened during the war, and are making an effort to rekindle the love lost in the city from all that’s happened to it. Unfortunately, Mister Freeze saw what the crystals were capable of and has hatched a plan to bring his wife Nora back using Zamaron crystals. What he doesn’t understand is that these crystals’ powers can’t be harnessed that way. It’ll cause an exothermic reaction that could destroy Gotham itself. We’ve got to reason with him, and if he won’t see reason, stop him anyway.

Shameka: Guess I’ll stop what I’m doing then. So, where is Hal?

Shameka checks her Justice League tracker.

Shameka: Ahh, there you are. The house of legends.

Shameka uses the watchtower's teleporter to travel to the house of legends.

Hal Jordan: Mr. Freeze and his goons are interfering with the Star Sapphires and risking the safety of Gotham city. Head there and assist the Star Sapphires in any way you can.

Hal Jordan: We can’t let Mr. Freeze be successful in stopping the Star Sapphires’ attempt to restore love to Gotham.

Citizen: Run away!!!

The Grey: Guess that’s where the action is.

Shameka takes off in the direction of the screams. There she sees a crystal set up in the road and several of Mr. Freeze's goons attempting to harness it.

Random Star Sapphire: The crystals powers is too strong for an Earther

The Grey: I guess that’s the help. Get away from that crystal.

Freeze Goon: Who are you supposed to be?

The Grey smirks and puts her hands on her hips.

The Grey: I am the wielder of wounds, the displaced heroine known as The Grey!!!

Freeze Goon: Shoot this idiot!!

The Grey: Go ahead and try

She uses his gauntlets to distort time. They are seen in slow motion pointing their guns at her.

The Grey: You gotta be quicker than that.

The Grey proceeds to knock both of them out. The star sapphire nods her head and flies off.

The Grey: Strong silent type. Guess I’ll follow her to where Mr. Freeze is.

The Grey follows the star sapphire to where Mr. Freeze is located. Once they touch down she sees Carol Ferris talking to other Star Sapphires.

Carol Ferris: There are enough crystals here to level the city! We have to take down, freeze, and destroy this technology before it’s too late.

The Grey and Star Sapphires break through the entrance of Mr. Freezes entrances.

Mr. Freeze: You’re going to regret ever coming in here. I’ve already begun upgrading…In fact, let me show you my progress!

Mr Freeze activates a machine that begins to shake the building and all of Gotham.

The Grey: Well that’s not good.

Carol Ferris: Our crystals are powering that contraption. Destroy it!!!

The Grey: I’ll thaw out Freeze. You handle the machine.

The Star Sapphires stare at her due to her corny joke. Carol on the other hand smirks before charging toward the contraption. Shameka smiles back and focuses her attention on Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze shoots his gun at her, Shameka fires blasts from her gloves and rolls out of the way as everything behind her is getting frozen. Meanwhile the Star Sapphires manage to destroy the machine in the background.

Mr. Freeze: It will take me weeks to rebuild that.

After dodging she realizes that he is getting close to hitting them with his freeze ray. Shameka mimics what she did earlier and distorts Mr freeze and his blast causing them to seemingly freeze in place.

The Grey: Looks like Mr. Freeze is FROZEN in place am i right.

Carol Ferris: I’m impressed. You really are an ally of love. I’ll take these crystals back to Zamaron, where they’ll be safe.

The Grey: Thanks and I guess until next time.

With that the Star sapphires leave Earth. As she Shameka waves them off Hal jumps back on the comms.

Green Lantern: Well, now that you’ve cooled off Mister Freeze, the Star Sapphires can get back to bringing a little joy to the city.

The Grey: All in a day's work.

Green Lantern: Thanks, Pal.

The Grey: Now that’s over, I can finally focus on getting everyone home.

We're converting this story into an audio drama if you want to hear how this story has come to life check out our Youtube channel via the link below

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