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Midnight Adventures Episode 3: All's Well that ends well

Doomed Metropolis

Narration: Supergirl and Oracle have requested assistance in backing up Superman, who is engaged in combat with Doomsday. Doomsday dropped into Metropolis and appears to be carrying some sort of plague.

Shameka is seen gearing for another patrol when she notices the mayhem taking place on the news. She sees Superman losing?!

The Grey: No way!!

Shameka rushes to get geared up and at the same time she calls Oracle.

The Grey: Barbara!!! What’s going on?

Oracle: The situation is dire. I’ve been coordinating with S.T.A.R. Labs to maximize response times. I’ll keep tabs on their progress if you can be my eyes on the ground.

The Grey: I’m on it. Who do I need to talk to?

Oracle: Go talk to their lead researcher at ground zero.

The Grey: Got it. Shameka out.

Shameka looks concerned at this grave situation.

The Grey: If Superman is having trouble….

Shameka sighs and puts her gloves on.

The Grey: Watchtower this is The Grey. Code TFM32021. Requesting teleportation to Metropolis.

Shameka is teleported to her Star labs contact Researcher Leigh.

The Grey: I’m here, what's the situation?

Leigh: This is terrible! I’m talking about a contagion situation here.

The Grey: Slow down what exactly is going on?

Leigh: Doomsday seems to be patient zero and is leaving a wake of victims in his path. Use this device to collect any traces of the spores for analysis. Also, avoid Doomsday. We don’t want you infected too!

Shameka is guided over to grab her ICU (Infection containment unit). Shameka puts on her containment suit. Shameka proceeds to collect traces of the spores throughout the city.

Meanwhile she hears the destruction and screams on the other side of the city.

The Grey: I have to hurry, those people need help. Superman needs help.

Shameka finishes collecting the spores and quickly heads back to Leigh.

The Grey: I’ve got the samples.

Leigh: I”ll upload the DNA from those samples you collected to Oracle immediately.

Oracle: So Doomsday is a walking contagion now?! Um, not good. I’m going to analyze the data that’s just been uploaded. Meanwhile, go help our S.T.A.R Labs contacts. I’ll ping you as soon as I know more. Stay safe out there, this job is too big for even Superman.

The Grey: A job too big for Superman… Is that even possible?

Shameka starts walking away lost in thought, when suddenly she notices Star Labs security Captain Hyde talking to her.

Captain Hyde: Our STAR Labs Operatives are taking a beating out there. Between Doomsday and an army of LexCorp stooges, even Superman would be over matched. We need every Operative back in the fight. Think you can help?

The Grey:um…yea of course.

Captain Hyde: The more help we rescue, the more innocent lives we can save.

The Grey (thinking to herself): With everything going on I don’t think I’ve seen Superman struggle.

The Grey (talking to Captain hyde): I’m on it.

Shameka dives off the bridge and down below to face off against several LexCorp goons. She takes them down with ease blasing them with her gloves and distorting time to save the Star Labs Operatives. Most of which were simply pinned down by enemy fire. Shortly after she receives a call over her radio.


Captain Hyde: A number of my Operatives have already reported in. Thanks for the assist.

The Grey: All in a day's work.

Oracle: I’m making progress on this Doomsday plague. What I know so far is that he’s emitting some sort of spores. I also have reports that LexCorp is interfering. While I’m working this angle, you can lend a hand on that front.

The Grey: Ugh I’m so tired of LexCorp. Why would they even want to get involved in this fight? They could be helping people instead…

Captain Smith: LexCorp always puts profit before people. They have no qualms about taking out our S.T.A.R. Labs agents responding to this Doomsday situation in order to get first dibs on spore samples. Can you help stop them?

Getting frustrated with LexCorp she looks up at the group of goons running down the street on their way to attack S.T.A.R. Labs agents. She rushes them, taking down more of the goons with her bare hands opting purposely to not use her gloves. Seeing their peers get beat up like this they get scared and run away.

The Grey: Where is everyone else? With Superman having this much trouble, where is the rest of the league?

Shameka clenches her fist and screams in the air.

The Grey: Why are you people so stupid?!!!!

Captain Smith (over the radio): Our guys are already reporting that LexCorp’s numbers are dwindling

Shameka looks over at an explosion that’s taken place nearby and starts moving towards it.

The Grey: Oracle, please tell me you have an update for me.

Oracle: Good news. We’ve synthesized the Probiotic counteragent. But I wish I had better news. Doomsday has Superman on the ropes, and Supergirl has left to find help. You’re his only back up. I knew this showdown was coming, so I have an enhanced Probiotic ready for you.

Shameka takes a deep breath and blasts off towards the battle.

(since it’s just going to be sound effects i’m not going in depth with the fight lol)

A tough battle ensues with the heroes coming out on top. Doomsday attempts to flee with Superman following close behind him. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson run up to Shameka.

Lois: You pushed Doomsday back. Thank you I have a feeling he is not gone for good though since I haven’t heard from Cl… I mean, Superman.

Shameka completely winded, turns her back and just gives a thumbs up and teleports away. She is ported home.

The Grey:I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.

Shameka winces at each step she takes falling onto her couch. She looks sad and discouraged, seemingly wanting the cry but won’t bring herself to do it.

The Grey: I just wanna go home.

Shameka says quietly to herself.

We're converting this story into an audio drama if you want to hear how this story has come to life check out our Youtube channel via the link below

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