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Midnight Adventures Episode 5: The Terrorium

Static: Looks like we’re here. Apokolips.

The Grey: This is Apokolips?

Static: DeSaad’s Terrorium TERRORiummum? TerrorrororIUM?... Really strange word.

The Grey: Ah this isn’t what all of Apokolips looks like. Constantine made it seem like it was pretty much another hell.

Rocket: Who… cares?! We’re taking him down and finally rescuing those bang babies!!

Icon: Stay focused, young ones.

Rocket: That’s basically what I just said, Icon.

Icon: Overload his systems and he will be defenseless. You can do this.

The Grey: Should be easy enough.

The group is suddenly surrounded by Parademons.

The Grey: Uh oh. Maybe I spoke too soon.

A tough battle ensues however through their combined efforts they defeat the parademons only to be met with the appearance of DeSaad.

Desaad: YES!! More participants! Let us start by drawing out your inner fears!!!

Dark versions of Static and Rocket appear, unleashing a barrage of attacks at the heroes. Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, more parademons appear.

Rocket: Uh those things look a LOT like us…

The Grey: How is this drawing on our inner fears?

Desaad: You will fail

The Grey: Unlikely.

The battle continues with the group defeating the dark versions of Static and Rocket.

Rocket: Stop playing, DeSaad! Nothing more nightmarish than those snake bangs you’re rockin!!

The Grey: I thought everything was bigger in texas but that forehead is something else.

Static: Yeah, that forehead looking real sweaty, DeSaad!

DeSaad: How did you overcome my Terrorium’s best?!

Static: Your stuff was freaky, but not freaky enough! Wait, that-that did not sound right..

Rocket: It’s you and us now, DeSaad!

DeSaad: Fine! I will show you what it is to be the master of pain!

DeSaad begins his attack on the heroes. Using an onslaught of abilities. However the heroes make short work of him.

The Grey: So much for master of pain. More like the master of minor inconveniences.

DeSaad: Darkseid…Will have your head for this…

Static: Then I’ll make sure to have a fresh cut when the time comes.

Rocket: Good riddance, creep!

Several kidnapped teens appear

Rocket: And hello Bang Babies!!

Static Shock: Thanks for your help, don’t think I could’ve done without you.

The Grey: No problem, Glad I could help.

Rocket: Oh, we know you couldn’t have. Ain’t that right?

Static: Uhh, I was talking to them. But you cool, too!!

Rocket: Whatever, nerd.

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