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Midnight Adventures Episode 6: Guerilla Warfare

Updated: Mar 19

The Grey: Finally a moment to breath. Now that I think about I haven't had a chance to sit down and relax since I got here.

Newscaster: Gorilla Grodd's army of apes has attacked Metropolis Little Bohemia district. His soldiers are terrorizing the populace.

The Grey: You've got to be kidding me that's only a couple blocks from here.

Shameka's communicator rings.

The Grey: Hello?

Oracle: Shameka? Are you ok?

The Grey: Yea, I just saw Grodd's attacking.

Oracle: Yea, and he is installing devolution units around the queensland boardwalk. Grodd's devices must be destroyed, before they can be used to turn innocents into his gorilla recruits.

The Grey: Is there anybody else nearby to back me up?

Oracle: Yea, Akolyte is there already. His team is on their way to back him as we speak.

The Grey: He has a team?

Oracle: He's been displaced a little longer than you have so he's had more time to meet and team up with some other displaced heroes.

The Grey: Interesting, do you have any intel on the rest of his squad.

Oracle: Do you know who my boss is? Of course.

The Grey: Good point

Oracle: The rest of his team includes E2 and Devilman

The Grey: Devilman sounds like a villain.

Oracle: We just call him Akira.

The Grey: That doesn't sound like a hero name.

Oracle: Yea, honestly I'm still trying to find out the meaning behind E2 name. But anyway the last member that's on his way is a hero by the name of King Sirc.

The Grey: Do I even need to get involved?

Oracle: Honestly the more of you out there the better.

Shameka sighs

The Grey: So much for a moment to breath.

Shameka suits up before heading outside to the chaos of Grodds army.

Several gorillas attack her as she makes quick work of them.

The Grey: Well this isn't as bad as the demons we faced before.

Shameka turns around to see that there is large group of gorillas.

The Grey: Well this ain't good.

Shameka gets into a fighting pose preparing to take on the horde of gorillas. Just as they charge in towards her a massive blast decimates them.

The Grey: What the?!

Akolyte: Sup Jet Glide!

The Grey: I would've preferred "Wielder of Wounds" like Dr. Fate said.

Akolyte: I'm not Dr. Fate.

Akolyte says as he flies off as a stoic looking Devilman flies off towards the gorilla army.

Shameka rolls her eyes as she continues battling the army of gorillas.

The battle gets intense with each of the heroes giving their all.

The Grey: There's no end to them.

Oracle: They keep turning civilians into gorillas and the amount of machines they have spread out across the city. Flash was removing them but Grodd set a trap and captured him.

The Grey: Who did the league send to save him?

Oracle: No one its' up to you and the others out there in the field. Sending the coordinates to you now.

The Grey: I'm not going to get them, just have them meet me there.

Oracle: Roger that. Be careful Shameka.

The Grey: You know me.

The two laugh briefly before Oracle disconnects from the line. Shameka takes off towards a regular looking building.

The Grey: I'm here but this place looks so normal... Who am I kidding every building in this world seems to have some sort of secret layer.

Shameka smirks and starts daydreaming.

The Grey: If only I had that kind of money... ooo wee the work I could get done.

Shameka walks around the building following a door way that looks like it leads to a basement.

The Grey: Well if there is a secret lair here where else would it be but the basement.

Shameka sneaks down the stairs noticing de-evolved citizens working on more machines to turn humans in apes.

The Grey: So this is where they are manufacturing them. If we want to stop them we'll need...

Before she finishes her thought a blue blur rushes past her. Destroying the machines and incapacitating the apes.

The Grey: About time you showed up. Where are your friends?

Akolyte: Bout time I showed up? The nerve of you. Anyway disrespect aside, they are dealing with the apes making their way back down here. So let's destroy the rest of these jawns and stop Grodd.

The Grey: Jawns?

Akolyte: Lets go self proclaimed Wielder of Wounds.

Akolyte says as he flies off destroying devolution units as he goes along.

The Grey: That's not self proclaimed Dr. Fate called me that.

Shameka says childishly pouting while also firing blasts at the units causing the apes in the area to turn back into humans. With a flurry of blasts and explosions The Grey and Akolyte make their way though the lab until they see Flash stuck in a statis unit.

The Grey: There he is!!!

Flash: Hey I was wondering when someone would show up. Quick, get me out of here before Grodd sees you!

Akolyte: Too late for that.

Flash: We have to move quick. If we don't stop him he will devolve the rest of the prisons in here.

Grodd: Devolving? Ignorant, vainglorious fools! You know nothing!!

Akolyte flies in punching at the shield Grodd is hiding behind.

Grodd: Primitive scum! Tremble before Grodd

Flash: Use that control panel over there to get me out of here!.

The Grey: I got it!!!

Shamekas runs over to the computer typing away, deactivating the shields holding Flash and the other prisoners.

Shameka: Hurry and get out of here!!!!

The prisoners run while flash rushes into battle along Akolyte.

Prisoners: Thank you so much!!!

The Grey: No problem, yall hurry and get out of here.

After several punches the shield begins to break down and Flash rushes to Grodds shield attempting to vibrate through it.

Flash: I can't get through.

Grood: Of course you can't. Did you think I wouldn't account for that?

Akolyte charges up some energy preparing to blast through it but just before he does Shameka fires a concentrated blast right through the shield causing it to dissipate.

Flash: Nice work!!!

The Grey: All in a days work! Now let's get him

A final group of gorillas appear from above protecting Grood. Akolyte fires at them knocking them out. While Grodd runs towards his teleporting machine.

Grood: You'll rue the day you crossed Grodd, human... We will meet again!

The Grey: Crap he got away!!

Akolyte: I'm heading back up to the surface to destroy the rest of the units.

Flash: Good idea. I'm going to run to Gorilla City and check with Solivar.

The Grey: I'm going to check in with Oracle to get an update on the situation and find out where Grodd ran off to.

Flash: Perfect, be safe everyone and see ya in a flash.

Flash and Akolyte take off.

The Grey: Oracle, any sign of him.

Oracle: No, you did good today. Return to base you're in desperate need of some R&R.

The Grey: Yea, beam me up please.

Shameka is teleported away from the battlefield.

Having retreated Grodd is seen brooding and plotting his revenge.

Grodd: Humanity's evolution was a mistake. My own... was destiny. I will reclaim this Earth from all who stand in my way. surrender a world that by right belongs to me? I, who can control even the strongest minds and channel primal rage? Never I will alter the flow of evolution and remake the world in my own likeness. Life is survival of the fittest. And Grodd will not just survive, he will triumph!

We truly hope you enjoyed this story. If you want to be apart of our stories join us on DC Universe online so that you can be in the next exciting adventure.

We're converting this story into an audio drama if you want to hear how this story has come to life check out our Youtube channel via the link below

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