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Midnight Adventures Season 2 Episode 1: Move like a Butterfly

Updated: Mar 19

Some time has passed since the heroes from other worlds appeared. They’ve all had to acclimate in their own way. They quickly learned that with all the chaos there was little time for rest. While the heroes attempted to regroup and contain the Brainiac threat, the rogues gallery of the various heroes took advantage of the chaos. The villains all began to strike at the same time. To make matters worse displaced villains began to join the ranks of various villains already terrorizing the world.

The Scarecrow is terrified and looks around the warehouse.

Scarecrow: Where are you?

The Blue Morpho appears jumping down from the railing above. She punches him in the face.

Blue Morpho: Right here

The scarecrow begins to fall backwards into a wall. The Blue morpho follows up with a kick to the gut. Holding him in place on the wall with her leg.

Scarecrow: How is it my fear toxin isn’t working on you?!

Blue Morpho: What’s there to be afraid of Dr. Crane?

Scarecrow: How do you know my actual name? What the hell are you?

Blue Morpho: I’m your worst nightmare.

Blue Morpho stops holding him up with her leg. Scarecrow pulls out a knife and weakly attacks. Blue Morpho counters by grabbing his arm and breaking it. She begins to mercilessly beat on him.

Scarecrow: You can’t kill me. Batman doesn’t kill so…

Blue Morpho: I’m not Batman.

Blue Morpho goes for several devastating blows. Scarecrow is bloodied and cowering in fear believing he’s going to die. Blue Morpho cuffs him.

Scarecrow: I knew you couldn’t do it. I knew…

Blue Morpho shoots him with the tranquilizer gun, knocking him out.

Nightwing: That was too much.

Blue Morpho: According to who?

Nightwing: Killing is against the code. You almost…

Blue Morpho: But he didn’t die. The scarecrow is now terrified and on the way to jail. I don’t understand how you heroes work in this world. But what you’re not going to do is tell me how to do my job.

Nightwing: Killing makes you just as bad as the criminals.

Blue Morpho: We’re already breaking the law wearing the mask. We aren’t just as bad as the criminals, we are criminals.

Nightwing: But…

Blue Morpho: If I have to kill to protect the ones I love, so be it.

Nightwing: If you cross that line there is no coming back.

Blue Morpho: Where I come from there’s no choice for people like me. So you can shove that philosophy up your ass.

The blue morpho uses her grappling hook to get to the roof. Nightwing follows her and as he gets to the roof he realizes she’s already gone.

Nightwing: She’s good.

Batman: hmm…keep an eye on her. For now she can’t be trusted.

Nightwing: Do you trust any of these new heroes?

Batman squints looking at all the heroes and villains fighting in Gotham on the batcomputer.

Batman: No, but the Justice League is spread thin. We need all the help we can get right now. We will get Oracle to continue monitoring these new heroes.

Shifts to Blue Morpho flying across the sky with her jetpack. Her helmet radio tuned into the frequencies of the various heroes.

Robin: Harley is cooking up some toxin for the Joker at Amusement mile. I’m going to check it out.

Oracle: Be careful. If things get too dicey, wait for backup.

Robin: Of course.

The Blue Morpho starts to fly in the direction of where the Amusement mile is. (having been in this city for a couple days she has an idea as to where everything is.)

Blue Morpho (thinking to herself): Still haven’t found mom and made no progress figuring out where exactly I am. Of course I can’t just let innocent people get hurt. Ugh I don’t like this.

As she is talking to herself Yara sees something out of the corner of her eye. She notices Robin entering Amusement mile however she witnesses him getting knocked out via a surprise attack from Harley Quinn. She begins to survey the area so as to not make the same mistake as Robin.

Blue Morpho: Well that’s not good. That’s one of Batman's sidekicks, if the other one hadn’t spent time tracking me he could’ve backed his teammate up. The heroes in this world I truly don’t understand.

Blue Morpho jumps down in an alley where several guards are taking them down.

She proceeds to sneak into the building Harley brought Robin into. Several guards are patrolling, Yara proceeds to utilize her smoke bombs to catch them off guard while she takes them down. The goons Harley has are no match for the devastating speed and strikes of the Blue Morpho.

Harley: Not who I expected to come and save bird boy over here. Who the hell are you supposed to be “The Butterfly.”

Blue morpho pulls out her tranquilizer gun. Harley pulls her mallet up preparing to hit Robin.

Blue Morpho: Not quite.

Robin begins to wake up noticing the standoff between the two. He rolls backwards and kicks Harley in the gut throwing her off balance. He then breaks from his restraints.

Robin: Thanks for coming to help.

Blue Morpho: Don’t thank me yet.

The two look around and are completely surrounded by Harley's goons.

Harley: Mr. J isn’t going to appreciate you coming and ruining his operation!!!

Robin and Blue Morpho charge at the crowd of goons taking most down with ease. The Blue Morpho uses her grappling hook to shoot up into the air. She releases it and dives down with a devastating kick. Following the kick she rolls into an uppercut. At the same time Robin kicks the goon the Blue Morpho uppercutted into another goon. The two work well together taking down everyone. Harley charges in with her mallet and Robin a batarang with a rope attached to tie her legs up causing her trip. Just as she hits the ground The Blue Morpho pulls her tranquilizer gun back out and fires it knocking Harley out.

Robin: We worked well together back there. We should…

Blue Morpho: Not interested in your bat club.

Robin: how’d you know I’d…

Blue Morpho: Just a good guess. Anyway, tell your boss to stop following me.

Robin: Wait, I never got your name?

Blue Morpho: You didn’t need it. Anyway, be careful kid.

The Blue Morpho leaves Amusement Mile and from the shadows Batman is seen watching her do so.

Oracle: I know it's hard for you to trust people but I think she's…

Batman: Continue your surveillance on all the newcomers in Gotham. We can’t be too sure.

Oracle: She just saved Tim, I think we can cut her some slack.

Batman grunts.

Batman: I’m heading up to the watchtower. Handle things here, we need to prepare a dossier of all the new heroes and villains that have appeared on the planet. Nightwing, take the east end. Robin, take the Otisburg district. Stay sharp this is going to be a long night. Batman out.

We're converting this story into an audio drama if you want to hear how this story has come to life check out our Youtube channel via the link below

We truly hope you enjoyed this story. If you want to be apart of our stories join us on DC Universe online so that you can be in the next exciting adventure.

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