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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 8: The History of Trunks

Updated: Mar 19

On May 7th in age 767 Hercule is declared winner of the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament. Three days later he goes missing. While meditating Garlic senses something wrong on Earth. Chiaotzu and Tien are sensed fighting for their lives. With his meditation now broken Garlic goes to Moori for guidance. Without Garlic saying a word Moori says

"Go keep your vow to protect the Earth." Garlic nods and reaches out to Kami and Popo.

Mr. Popo appears on his carpet immediately and brings Garlic to Earth.

"What's going on?!" Garlic asks

"I can't sense this threat" says Kami.

"How's that possible?! Garlic questions.

"I'm not sure but from what I can tell they won't hold out much longer. Go to them the others are on their way."

Kami and Garlic nod at each other. Garlic bolts off the lookout heading towards the battle. Garlic arrives before the other Z-fighters.

Garlic notices the destruction of the city and surrounding area. He sees Tien barely able to stand with Chiaotzu standing in front of him prepared to protect him with his life.

"Chiaotzu Get out of here!!!!" Tien yells.

"No way Tien! We promised Goku that we would protect the Earth. All of us! I won't break that promise"

Garlic notices the two figures making their way towards them.

"They look like ordinary earthlings how is this possible."

Garlic wonders before reaching out to Chiaotzu telepathically.

"You don't know me but I'm here to help. Can you provide a distraction?" Chiaotzu gulps

"I can" Garlic responds

"Good, DO IT NOW!"

Chiaotzu lets out his best solar flare, blinding this enemy for a moment.

"Sonic Rush!!" Garlic yells delivering a powerful kick to the figure with long black hair. He proceeds to throw a knife hand strike at the blonde one before teleporting and landing devastating blows on each of them.

"Dark Twin Star!!" Garlic yells shooting an energy blast for each of them.

Garlic rushes over to Tien and Chiaotzu and uses the healing technique he learned on Namek.

"Are you alright?" Garlic asks.

"I am now thanks." Tien says standing up unassisted now.

"Who are you?" Chiaotzu asks

"I'm Garlic the 3rd" Rubble falls in the distance as the two figures emerge.

"See I told you it wasn't Piccolo. He's green. "The black-haired figure said.

"Who cares we'll kill him too." The blonde one says shrugging her shoulders.

Garlic, Tien and Chiaotzu are frozen.

"Impossible!!" Garlic says

"Their unscathed." Tien follows.

"Impressive little show you put on there. You won't catch us off guard like that again." The dark haired one explains.

"Who are you guys?" Chiaotzu asks.

The two stare at each other for a moment.

"Not that it matters much but we are androids created by Dr. Gero of the red ribbon army. I'm android 18 and my brother over here is 17."

"What do you want? Why kill all these innocent people?" Tien clenching his fist asks.

"What we want is to kill Son Goku and why did we kill all those innocent people? Well... that was because we were bored." 17 answers. "Monsters!?" Tien grunts.

Garlic and Tien get into their fighting stances

"But Goku is already dead." Chiaotzu blurts out.

"Well I guess his friends and family will have to do." 17 says smiling before 18 rushes towards the fighters.

Before they know it 18 has appeared in front of them knocking Garlic and Tien with a massive blast. Thinking quick Chiaotzu uses his psychic abilities to lock 18 in place. 17 jumps in kicking the former crane student through a nearby car.

"So much for not getting caught off guard again eh sis." 17 says before receiving an explosive kick from Piccolo. 18 starts laughing

"Not fun when it happens to you." Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin land.

"You ok Mr. Tien." Gohan asks

I'm fine looks like the cavalry has arrived" Tien responds.

Krillin helps Chiaotzu up. "You ok?" Krillin asks. Chiaotzu still in pain can only hold his head in pain. "Thanks brother." Garlic says to Piccolo as he emerges from the rubble.

Piccolo nods.

"Brother?!" Gohan says shockingly

"Focus Gohan!!" Piccolo yells.

17 emerges from the rubble.

"Jeez... thanks for the help sis." 17 says.

Mockingly she says

"So much for not getting caught off guard."

17 wipes the dust off himself.

" You die first" He says. Then a familiar and arrogant laugh can be heard all around.

"What now?!" 17 says getting annoyed. Yamcha lands near Krillin, Gohan and Chiaotzu.

"Bold entrance there buddy." Krillin says.

"I wouldn't dare but..." Yamcha starts.

Vegeta lands closest to the androids with a smirk on his face.

"Having fun with these weaklings?" Vegeta asks.

"Oh, we know about you Vegeta. You may be the strongest among them but compared to us. Well you don't measure up." 18 says with a laugh.

"You underestimate me for I am the legend realized. The destroyer of worlds, the bringer of death, I have claimed my rightful birthright as the legendary super saiyan.

"The z fighters are in shock.

"I thought my dad was the only one who could do it? "Gohan questions.

"That low level clown was nothing to me the prince of all saiyans. If he could do it surely one of royal blood could do the same!!" Vegeta explains.

17 and 18 look at each other stunned by the prince's arrogance.

"How do you fit that ego into that armor 17 says.

"Allow me to demonstrate." Vegeta says before charging up. Clouds begin to form in the sky lightning cackles throughout the sky. The once sunny sky becomes a dreary rainy day. One that matches the backdrop of destroyed buildings and lifeless bodies.

Vegeta forms a yellow aura around his body, as he grits his teeth the ground shakes and buckles. The force begins to push the z-fighters back. Vegeta's hair begins to transition between black and gold.

"Look 18 he can turn his blond on and off." 17 laughs.

Sarcastically 18 says "Oh boy this is truly the stuff of legend.

Vegeta lets out a yell that echoes throughout the area, a blinding flash fills the area. The smoke clears and Vegeta's transformation is complete.

"I don't believe it. He's stronger than Goku!!" Piccolo exclaims.

The rest of the fighters gasp in amazement and worry.

"It's not going to be enough? Garlic says stepping forward.

"Who the hell are you?" Vegeta asks annoyed that his moment was being interrupted.

"I'm Garlic, I'm what you would call a super namekian." Vegeta raises an eye brow. The others mutter amongst themselves.

"I'll show you" Garlic powers up to full power and into his muscle form. His power just under Vegetas. "You see they brushed my attacks off like they were nothing."

"I will not be compared to a slug man, I am the legendary super saiyan!!"

17 interrupts

"Blah, Blah, Blah. Are you guys ready yet?"

Vegeta yells "Bring it on!!"

17 dashes at Vegeta, who blocks the androids attack before they both take off and begin to exchange devastating blows that shake and destroy the landscape around them.

"Well then while he handles him we'll take care of her. "Garlic says Piccolo takes off his turban tossing it to the side.

"Garlic, Krillin and Gohan with me. The rest of you back up Vegeta."

Tien Yamcha and Chiaotzu fly towards Vegeta's battle. Gohan and Krillin enter their fighting stances while Piccolo and Garlic nod at each other.

Then in a flash they attack 18 they keep her on the defensive attempting to guide her away from 17.

"You know I don't need his help to kill you." She says.

18 punches a hole through Garlics stomach and knife hands Piccolos leg off.

"Piccolo!!" Gohan yells charging into battle.

"Gohan wait" Krillin yells.

Gohan doesn't listen he lands several ineffective attacks before firing a masenko in her face. She grabs both of Gohans' hands breaking his wrists in the process before pounding away at his body.

"Hey 17!! We couldn't get Goku but I got the next best thing." 18 yells amused.

"Save some for me." 17 responds.

"I'm the one you're fighting earthling what do you want with the boy!" Vegeta yells.

17 kicks Vegetas knee crushing it.

"First off, I'm an android, guess you missed that earlier, secondly you're not our priority." 17 flies off as Vegeta writhes in pain.

Yamcha catches Vegeta

"Are you argh..." Vegeta elbows him in the stomach.

" I don't need your help!" he says.

Tien and Chiaotzu chase after 17

"Together Chiaotzu!! DODAN RAY!!!"

17 blocks the attacks before firing a blast at Chiaotzu.

The blast misses but distracts Tien enough for 17 appear in front of him.

"Do you really need 3 eyes?" 17 gouges Tien's' eye out. Tien goes crashing to the ground.

"KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!! "Krillin lets off a powerful wave and it does nothing to 18.

"That was cute." 18 smiles at Krillin.

"Come on sis don't flirt with the worm food." 18 shrugs.

Gohan grits his teeth as he tries to kick his way out of the androids' grip. 17 gut punches Gohan.

"The son of Goku. You know at your age your dad destroyed the red ribbon army and because of this Dr. Gero got obsessed with him and built us for revenge." 17 explains.

"My dad's dead. This is pointless!!" Gohan yells.

"Maybe to you but for us this is liberating."17 continues.



The androids drop Gohan while getting out of the way. Meanwhile Garlic uses his healing ability on the others. Garlic communicates telepathically

"We need to regroup. Head for the look out."

"I will not run, a saiyan never backs down from a fight!!" With a slight increase in strength Vegeta lands a barrage of attacks on the androids.

"BIG BANG ATTACK!!!" the ball of energy consumes the androids

"HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! A talking toaster stands no chance against the prince of all saiyans." Vegeta boasts.

"Weak and lonely" 18 says

"What!?" Vegeta responds noticing the androids sitting on the rubble caused by his blast.

"Did you choose to be a distraction or did they leave you?" 17 asks.

Vegeta looks around

"Yep, left behind" 18 says.

"I don't need those weaklings!!"

"I doubt that" 17 retorts. Thunder erupts and lightning flashes.

"I'll finish things with the prince you get the rest of Goku's friends." 17 says. They nod at each other before 17 blasts off towards Garlic and the Z-fighters.

"Uh guys we have incoming!!!" Yamcha yells,

Krillin and Tien let off a solar flare. While the others charge up their ultimate attack.

"Hold her Chiaotzu!!" Tien yells

"Right!!" Chiaotzu responds.

"Dark twin star!!"



They all yell sending a massive wave of energy towards the android.

"Did we get her!?" Krillin asks.

"That doesn't matter we need to go" Garlic says. They all fly off as fast they can

"ARGHH!! They're going to pay for that!! 18 yells.

"Guys what are going to do!! Frieza wasn't even this tough and we can't sense their energy." Gohan yells.

Piccolo grunts

"Well we better think of something fast. I'm sure our attack only pissed her off." Tien adds

"Even Vegeta didn't stand a chance and he's a super saiyan." Yamcha acknowledges everyone gets quiet for a moment.

"We need another super saiyan and another super namek." Garlic suggests to the others. They all gasp at the idea..

Gohan and Piccolo look at each other. Gohan gulps as a stream of sweat flows down his face.

"Piccolo, do you think I could transform?" Piccolo looks and nods at him.

"Piccolo, I will train you myself, if we can at the very least match you with my strength a fusion between the two of us should be more than enough to take them down." Garlic says.

"You seem pretty strong now. Why not combine strength and take them down?" Yamcha asks

"it wouldn't be enough and..." Garlic says before he is interrupted.

"And besides we won't let that happen." 18 says flying over them with her arms crossed.

"It's the android!!!" Krillin yells.

The Z fighters gasp finally noticing her. She charges in at Yamcha, Garlic gets in the way blocking her punch. Garlic winces at the strike.

"This attack...they've been purposefully letting our attacks push them back...they..." Garlic thinks to himself.

"WOLF FANG FIST!!!" Yamcha yells.

"WAIT!!" Garlic yells. Yamcha delivers an explosive attack and after several strikes Yamcha stops arms bloodied.

"We're done playing games now." 18 says

"ARGHHH!!!" Yamcha yells bones protruding from his arms.

"Yamcha!!" Chiaotzu yells

"TRI BEAM" Tien yells the blast forces 18 to the ground.

"Get out of here!! I'll hold her off!!" Tien commands.

Everyone except Chiaotzu flies off in that moment Garlic rushes over to Yamcha and grabs him until they get some distance. Once they make it far enough away Garlic heals Yamahas arms.

"There's the lookout" Krillin yells.

"Mr. Tien's energy is dropping drastically. I don't sense Vegeta anymore" Gohan says.

Piccolo chimes in "Their sacrifice won't be in vain."

"Ok, I'm sure his arms were broken." 18 questions.

17 laughs "Doesn't look broken to me sis." The androids once more surprise the z-fighters with their arrival.

"Guys what are we going to do?!!" Krillin says

They seemingly vanish 18 reappears first elbowing Krillin in his head causing it to cave in on impact. The sound of the bones shattering as he hits the ground ring though Piccolo and Garlics ears.

"Krillin!!" Gohan dashes for his friend's body.

Gohan gets kicked away by 17 his ribs shattered from the force.

Yamcha gets grabbed by 17 immediately after.

"Time to make things permanent." 17 remarks.

"ANDROID!!! We're not done!" Vegeta yells holding his arm.

"You're still able to move? Stubborn and stupid." 17 says as he begins punch Yamcha with his free hand.

The sound of cracking bones and blood curdling screams echoes. Piccolo starts to charge in, but Garlic holds him back.

"If you die then the dragon balls are gone. As much as the elders would hate this we need them to restore this world and revive everyone killed by them. We need to go now."

"You guys just don't get it." 18 says

"No, you don't get it!!! Big bang at...ARGHH!!"

17 and 18 attack Vegeta with a joint gut punch. They knock him to the ground and with a combined blast destroy Vegeta.

All of this before Yamachas body hits the ground.

They reappear in front of Yamcha 17 kicks his neck snapping it and shoots a hole in his chest.

17 smiles walking towards Piccolo and Garlic.

"No more dragon balls and no more healing" 17 says.

Garlic and Piccolo get into their stances.

Both androids dash towards the Namekian's they manage to defend the first couple of attacks before being overwhelmed by the pair.

Piccolo is kicked aside and the androids appear on either side of Garlic shooting off a blast. Piccolo flies in the way shooting a ki blast of his own to counter both attacks.

"Come on get up Garlic!!" Piccolo yells.

"It's over" The androids say adding more energy to their blast over taking Piccolo and Garlic.

Chiaotzu appears carrying Tien

"I can't believe it's going to end like this." Chiaotzu says.

Piccolo climbs out of the rubble looks around to see the androids are at the base of the lookout.

"We were so close" Tien says.

17 and 18 land "Look 18 he still has some fight left.

She shrugs as she starts kicking him around.

"DODAN RAY!!" Chiaotzu yells out

"You guys really are persistent" 17 says before blasting the crane students away finally ending them.

18 then delivers a final blast to Piccolo. The battle ends the storm intensifies as the androids massacre of humanity begins.

They start with Korin and Popo before destroying several nearby cities. Sometime later Gohan is found by a wounded Yajirobe who was on the lookout when the androids attacked.

Garlic wakes shortly after Gohan. Tears swell up in Gohans eyes as he looks over the broken bodies of his friends

"Krillin...Mr. Piccolo..." he mutters.

Something snaps in the young warrior Gohan energy erupts his long black hair turns Golden his muscles bulging out the saiyan armor he wore on namek. His cries and scream match the thunder itself.

Just as fast as it came the power dissipated the young warrior passes out from exhaustion unable to maintain the form.

"There is hope "Garlic says healing both Gohan and Yajirobe.

"Take him to his mother" Garlic tells Yajirobe.

"Shouldn't he train with you to stop these monsters." He asks.

"He needs time to mourn, we've lost so much today." Garlic says flying weakly up to the lookout. He makes his way to the lonely inner chambers of the lookout.

"Kochin are you telling me that Gero is the one behind those machines?" a voice asks.

"Indeed, and they were strong enough to take out the previous martial arts champion Tien and the previous runner up Junior. What will you do now Dr Wheelo?" Kochin asks.

Stepping out of the shadows in Hercules body Dr. Wheelo says

"I will prove my dominance in strength and intelligence by defeating his machines and ruling the world with my modified human army."

Wheelo, Kochin, Kishime, Ebifurya, Misokatsun and the bio men all stand ready to make their move.

If you enjoyed this story and would like our help developing your very own story follow the link below and let us help

Our goal was to integrate our character into the story incorporate the movies and not break the canon. Let us know what you think and take a look at the official dragonball wiki to see if we missed anything

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