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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 3: Betrayal

Updated: Mar 19

The age is 752 and Garlic has returned to the lookout. Kami teaches/trains Garlic in the way the former Kami trained him. Not much is said between the two outside of training instruction. A year passes and Garlic is seeing significant increases in his power. During this time Krillin and many other martial artist are killed by Tambourine.

"A worthy challenge to test my skills. A battle with true purpose." Garlic says smiling to himself.

"NO!! you mustn't get involved in these affairs." Kami states. Garlic stares for a moment and leaves against Kami's orders. Garlic rushes down to stop the imminent threat of King Piccolo before it truly begins.

"I fear that his run in with King Piccolo will have terrible consequences." Mr. Popo says.

"Only time will tell Mr. Popo. But the hope that I would be able to build a bond with my son will end this day. Garlic confronts Tambourine during his killing spree.

"Hello there, you look like we could be brothers." Tambourine says with his hands on his hip.

"Fool, I look nothing like you. But I hope that you have power comparable to my own. I am looking for a challenge." Garlic says smug.

"I have no interest in fighting my family. I'm only interested in fulfilling the wishes of my father King Piccolo. I can introduce you to him and give you more insight into what you really are." Tambourine explains.

"Fine, you have my attention. Let's go" Garlic says as the start towards King Piccolo. They arrive at King Piccolos throne and Garlic is stunned.

"You look shocked my son" King Piccolo says with a menacing smirk.

"You can't be but you are the guardian of the..." Garlic starts but King Piccolo and Tambourine begin to laugh.

"That fool Kami has told you nothing has he. We are two sides to the same coin. I am he and he is me. He is the light and I am the dark. We were one and we are your father." King Piccolo begins to laugh hysterically. Garlic stands losing his sense of belonging leaves King Piccolo allowing Tambourine to go off and continue his killing spree elsewhere.

Garlic flies back to the lookout and punches Kami. "You're no better than the Makyans."

"I can explain my son..." Kami starts before Garlic interrupts. "No, you can't or rather you had your opportunity. I will not allow myself to be subject to this kind of betrayal again. Garlic shoots a blast at Kami blowing off one of his legs."

"KAMI NO!!!" Mr. Popo yells running towards his friend. "It's ok old friend, I'm fine" Kami says as he regrows his leg. "He has right to be angry with me. What will you do now Garlic?" Kami asks.

Garlic stares at Kami for a moment and says "I don't owe you that explanation." Before flying off to find himself and become his own person. Sometime later Goku defeats King Piccolo and Piccolo Jr. is born.

Garlic finds himself a secluded landscape to make his home. He mediates daily "Who am I? A Makyan? A demon? What will I become? What do I want? Is strength the answer? How much before I'm satisfied and for what purpose? I feel the presence of Kami, King Piccolo and Garlic flowing through me but I don't know what has more influence on me and what I should do."

Three years pass and Garlic finds himself watching the 23rd World Martial arts tournament having seen right through Kamis disguise as Shen.

"What's this you've left the safety of your look out?" Garlic says with a look of disgust for Kami on his face.

"Yes, the dangers that the world faces is too great to sit on the sidelines on this one." Kami responds.

Garlic crosses his arms

"So when King Piccolo attacked the danger wasn't great then? Don't give me that crap? I'll be on my way good luck saving the world from yourself you old fool."

Later that day Goku ultimately wins the tournament. "This kid is truly impressive but he isn't on my level yet and it would be a complete waste of my time to challenge him at this point. I'll just watch him grow a bit more and challenge him when the time is right." Garlic says to himself as he watches Goku and friends celebrate his victory over Piccolo Jr.

Several years later in age 760, Garlic the 3rd senses the return of Garlic Jr. The third races to him to confront him to close old wounds.

"My brother you have grown strong, I trust your travels across the world helped with that." Jr. says staring up at his brother. "Hmm.. I've definitely learned a lot through my travels brother, there are some things that we need to discuss." The third says.

"Sansho told me already what happened. I'll have you know that I had nothing to do with fathers plan. I personally didn't know where you came from until my journey to the Makyo star when fathers assistants told me. Brother, regardless of where you came from we are still family. I have a proposal for you how about we get revenge for our father and take the throne of Kami for ourselves." Garlic says as he begins laughing. "Well brother I can't say that I don't like the sound of giving my old man what he deserves, but I want no part in your revenge." Garlic responds.

"Wait Kami is your father?! That makes things a bit complicated?" Garlic Jr says. "No, it doesn't I have no ties to him and brother I will not take part in this. Brother out of respect I will tell you this. Kami has some powerful allies now I would advise not going through this plan. Let the past stay in the past and move on." Garlic the third advises. "You know I can't do that brother, fathers last wish was for me to avenge him and that's what I will do." Garlic Jr. says stomping off. "Well I guess this is goodbye then brother." Sometime later the dead zone is opened and Garlic is trapped inside defeated by the son of Goku.

One year after Garlic Jr's defeat, Raditz arrives on earth, while searching for Goku he encounters Garlic the third briefly, realizing he is outmatched when Garlic flex's his power without even looking at Raditz. Raditz flies off "Stupid thing must not be working. There is no way that bug man could have that kind of power. Raditz continues his search for Goku. Following the death of Goku and Raditz, upon hearing about the two saiyans making their way to Earth, Kami urges Garlic telepathically to help.

"This isn't my fight old man and want nothing to do with this. It seems you're little fighting force, bit off more they can chew this time." Garlic says before ignoring Kami. In Age 762 the battle commences with the Saiyan's. Many of the Z warriors fall to Nappa and the Saibamen. While waiting for Goku to arrive, Nappa runs into Garlic.

"You look like another namekian. Do you know anything about making dragonballs?" Nappa asks.

"Can't say that I do. I suggest you leave before you get hurt" Garlic says looking annoyed. Nappa begins to laugh well then if you don't know about the dragonballs then I have a new punching bag while we wait for Kakarot to show up."

Nappa charges in on Garlic knocks Nappa back with a strong kick to the face. Nappa wipes blood from his face and smiles. "Nice attack there lets see how you handle this!!" Nappa yells shooting a mouth cannon at Garlic causing him to lose a hand. "His power is unreal!!" Garlic exclaims. Before he can regenerate his hand Nappa is back on the offensive pummeling the helpless namekian.

"Well that was fun, time for me to get back to my other punching bags." Nappa says throwing in one last punch for good measure before flying off. Shortly after his return to the battlefield Kami/Piccolo is killed by Nappa. Garlic having suffered his first major defeat, trains with PoPo via the hyperbolic time chamber.

"What do you hope to accomplish by getting stronger?" Popo asks. Garlic answers "I'm not sure" as he lets the door shut with a somber look on his face.

If you enjoyed this story and would like our help developing your very own story follow the link below and let us help

Our goal was to integrate our character into the story incorporate the movies and not break the canon. Let us know what you think and take a look at the official dragonball wiki to see if we missed anything

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