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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 2: Limits

Updated: Mar 19

In Age 748 Garlic the 3rd leaves the Makyans to find his place in the world. During his travels on the night of a full moon, he bears witness to raw power the likes of which he has never seen before.

"GOKU, IT'S ME!!! DON'T YOU RECOGNIZE YOUR GRANDPA Gohan?!!! He yells as a ki blast is shot from the giant apes mouth.

"What is this strength? Do all the humans have the potential to get this strong? Garlic wonders to himself as he flies into the action. As he gets closer he sees how desperate the fight is between this old man and this giant ape.

"Please Goku snap out of it!!" the old man pleas. Garlic landing next to him in a fighting pose stares ready for battle. Noticing the young warriors intent Grandpa Gohan warns Garlic.

"I don't know who you are young fellow but understand this fight will take everything we have and then some. If you fear for your life I suggest you leave now. But if you stay I believe that my grandson is still in there and we must save him from this monster"

Garlic looks over to Grandpa Gohan and nods before preparing a ki blast. Garlic shoots his blast first noticing that he hardly left a mark on him

"What resilience!! I've never faced something as strong as you this will be the toughest fight of my life and an opportunity to put what I've learned with Jr to the test."

"Young warrior buy me some time to prepare my attack. I'm sure it will knock him off his feet."

"Got it" Garlic says charging up to a muscle form he learned with Garlic Jr. He charges into the great ape with blinding speed catching the ape off guard for a moment. Garlic uses his speed to stay just out of reach from the apes attacks. In the distance Grandpa Gohan is focused preparing his strongest attack yet.

" me..." A blue light emits from the Gohans hands. "Young Warrior get out of the way!!!" Garlic looks over and senses the power coming from the old man.

"These humans have the power to surpass even us Makyans. Impossible." Garlic thinks to himself flying out of Gohans way.

"HA!!!!!!!!" Gohan yells as his Kamehameha wave shoots towards the beast, but before it connects the ape shoots out a blast of his own connecting with the old mans blast.

"What power I'm being pushed back" Gohan thinks to himself. The surrounding area being destroyed by the intensity of this beam struggle.

"Roshi, Ox,... I suppose this is goodbye and Goku I've done all I can. I'm sorry I couldn't save you from the monster inside of you." Then from behind great ape Goku, Garlic shoots his strongest Ki blast.

"Young warrior you need to... Wait a second the blast is weakening. Give it everything you've got he's getting weaker." The mouth blast being pushed back by the Kamehameha wave. The ape roars beating its chest and adding more power to his blast.

"Young warrior if we fail here our world will be destroyed we must stop this monster. DON'T HOLD BACK!!!" Both push out everything they got Grandpa Gohan still just barely holding his own. Garlics blast now not only hitting the beasts back but is now encompassing its tail. The beasts power drops sharply.

"We're almost there we just..." Gohan runs out of energy and the Oozarus blast encompasses whats left of his wave and himself. Garlic's blast destroys Gokus tail as he beings to transform back into himself. Garlic panting heavily slowly makes his way to the body

"What's this a kid? One of the strongest beings on this planet is this small child. Impossible" Garlic the 3rd scoffs.

"Please bring the boy this way" a dying Gohan requests. Garlic nods and brings the boy to his grandfather. "Young warrior, thank you for your help today. It's a debt I can never pay back be well and stay strong."

Garlic nods and begins to walk away "I must acquire more strength if I have any hope of battling something of that scale again."

"Goku you're awake I'm relived" Grandpa Gohan says in between labored breathes.

"What happened Grandpa? Who did this to you?" Kid Goku says with teary eyes. Gohan looks stunned "He doesn't remember anything" he says to himself.

"Well Goku a giant ape monster attacked and.."

"Where is it? I'll show that monster a thing or two for messing with my grandpa!!" Kid Goku says clinching his fist. "It's been defeated already but Goku I don't have much time left here" Grandpa Gohan his battered body beginning to fail him.

"Grandpa no..." Goku says putting his face into Gohans chest. "Goku promise me that you will always strive to get stronger" Goku looks up at him and nods wiping tears from his eyes with a look of purpose in them. "One last thing Goku beware of the full moon, when it happens stay inside and don't look at it. For on nights such as these the great beast appears."

"I promise I'll get stronger and defeat this monster so no one has to worry about the beast anymore!!" Goku exclaims.

"No, promise that you will do as a I say Goku."

Goku drops his arms and looks down at the ground "I promise Grandpa"

"Good, well this is goodbye for now my son. I love you." Grandpa Gohan passes leaving Goku to mourn alone atop Mt. Paozu. Garlic determined to acquire more power and learn how the earthlings are able to acquire such strength begins to learn the ways of the earthlings and begins to meditate on the battle that pushed him to his absolute limit.

Two years have passed. And the age is now 750, Garlic witnesses Jackie Chuns victory over Goku at the 21st World's Martial Arts tournament.

"The boy continues to grow stronger. I too will continue to grow, I'll learn the arts of the humans and them to my abilities. Then I will seek a challenge with the boy and his master. Garlic says walking away from the crowds with his cape flowing in the wind as he adjusts his tunic hat.

Several months after the tournament Garlic senses a commotion and uses this opportunity to test his ability against someone new. When he arrives he is met with the Red Ribbon Army's reinforcements on their way to muscle tower, Garlic decimates them and flies off.

"This can't be the peak of my abilities. The humans continue to get stronger, Jr. continues to get stronger and it seems I have reached a limit. He passes the base of Korins tower, feeling a strange sense of déjà vu he flies to the top of it and meets Korin.

"Hey there kid." The cat says.

"Why is this place so familiar to me?" Garlic thinks to himself

"I bet you're wondering who I am and what is this place well..." Korin starts.

"Do I know you? Have I been here before?" Garlic interrupts. Korin looking a bit frustrated replies "Well kid I'm Korin and before you hatched from that egg you lived here, but before you hatched you were stolen from us."

"Egg? Stolen? Stolen by who?" Garlic questions

"Look for the rest of the story you need to visit Kamis lookout above us."

"Fine, I'll be on my way then thank you." Garlic says before bolting towards Kami's.

"What a reunion we have here." Korin thinks to himself.

Garlic the 3rd lands on the lookout and comes face to face with Kami.

"'s it's..." Mr. Popo stutters.

"Yes, Mr. Popo it is. You've come here for answers Young Garlic, follow me." Kami says leading him towards the pendulum room.

They walk through the lookout to the room without saying a word. Once there, Kami steps back and allows Garlic to experience the events of the past and learn where he came from.

"This can't be!! That means you're my...I'm..." Garlic murmurs confused and angry clenching his fist and flexing his power. "This has to be a lie after all of these years I thought..."

"You can feel the connection between us, you know that what you just experienced is the truth. Garlic takes one more look at Kami and Mr. Popo before bolting towards his old home. Angry and betrayed Garlic races to the Makyans for answers. Upon arriving Garlic is met with Sansho and notices that he is the only one there.

"Where is Jr. and the others?" Garlic demands.

"Who do you think you are speaking to m..." Sansho starts as Garlic slams him into a nearby pillar before being able to finish what he is saying. Garlics eyes now glowing red "I'm going to ask you one more time where is Junior?"

"Are you turning against us now Little Garlic?" Sansho mocks before transforming into his fighting form. A brief fight between the two ensues with Garlic the 3rd anger swelling his power he makes quick work of Sansho.

"FINE!!! The others left to visit the Makyo Star. What's got you so worked up?"

"Am I truly Garlics son?" Garlic the 3rd asks with anger filled eyes.

"Garlic only has one true son and that is Jr. you were taken from the lookout before you hatched from your egg many years ago."

Garlic charging his energy to its max and releasing it destroying a majority of the castle they are currently in. "I will never forgive this and I want nothing to do with this!!" Garlic yells.

"What about Jr.? Will you abandon you're're friend?" Sansho argues

"I want nothing to do with any of you, if I see any of you again I will kill you." The dark essence of Garlic Sr. pouring out of him adding to his power immensely. Garlic disassociates himself from the Makyans and disappears.

If you enjoyed this story and would like our help developing your very own story follow the link below and let us help

Our goal was to integrate our character into the story incorporate the movies and not break the canon. Let us know what you think and take a look at the official dragonball wiki to see if we missed anything

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