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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 9: The World's Strongest

Updated: Mar 19

Several days after the Z-fighters defeat Garlic makes his way to Mt Paozu, Chi Chi is seen at Goku's grave, while Gohan is training performing his fastest punches and kicks. Garlic lands near Chi Chi, she enters a stance believing she needs to protect Gohan.

"Who are you? Are you after my Gohan too?!" Chi Chi questions.

Garlic bows "I'm Garlic, you don't know but I've crossed paths with your husband and his enemies in the past. I'm here to ask an impossible favor. Will you allow me to train your son?"

Gohan walks up staring at his now sobbing mother.

"It's not my choice to make. He's been forced to grow up and faces a world that needs his strength right now." She explains.

"Mom" Gohan says in disbelief.

"You're Goku's son. If anyone is going to defeat them its you. "She says hugging her son before giving Garlic a nod of approval.

Garlic nods back and looks at Gohan as they understand the weight of the world is now on them. Garlic takes Gohan to the time chamber the flight there is a quiet one.

Once they arrive Garlic explains how harsh the chamber can be Gohan nods understanding there is no other way to become stronger in a short amount of time. "I need you to perfect the super saiyan transformation and become stronger than me and Vegeta" Garlic says.

"Is that even possible?" Gohan says in disbelief.

"It has to be, I've been around a long time and I've peaked in strength." Garlic says.

"How long? If you don't mind Mr. Garlic."

"I was born when Kami was attempting to be guardian." Gohan responds

"OH" Garlic and Gohan enter the chamber.

A couple of days later back on Earth the bio men appear on Roshis island.

"Dr. Wheelo wants to see you come with us." The bio men demand.

"Dr. Wheelo I don't know him now go away!!" Bulma emerges with baby Trunks in hand. "What's going on?" Bulma asks.

"Bulma go back inside." Roshi says walking back to the house.

The bio men lunge at him from all sides. Roshi delivers a powerful left hook, followed by a knee, a devastating right punch and finishing with a back kick. Causing the 4th bio man to spin as he hit the ground. Roshi sighs. Then from behind Roshi Kochin is heard clapping.

"Just what I would expect from the Great Master Roshi, excellent form. You were once the strongest fighter in the world Dr. Wheelo would be very pleased to meet you." Dr. Kochin says.

"No, I already said I didn't want to go!!" Roshi responds.

"Good thing I decided to come myself. "Dr. Wheelo says Roshi looks over his glasses.

"Wait aren't you the current world champion?? What was his name... Hercule?" Roshi asks confusingly.

"It was his body once, it's mine now and I wish to test it on you." Wheelo says.

"What do you hope to accomplish by fighting me? Roshi asks

"Testing my strength before facing Geros machines and proving that I am the only one fit to rule this world." Wheelo declares.

"You'll need to be much stronger than Roshi to beat those androids Bulma blurts. Wheelo smiles as he dashes towards Roshi, his blow catching the attention of Roshi.

"You're pretty strong I'll give you that. But you're inexperienced." Roshi remarks countering all of Wheelos attacks.

Wheelo smiles and shots a Ki blast at Roshi. Roshi blocks it shocked that he was able to pull that off.

"Ki control... impressive" Roshi says.

Wheelo begins to yell his power swelling, Roshi powers up to his muscle form the two burst forth with Roshi still on the defensive.

"What's the matter Roshi? Age catching up to you?" Wheelo says.

"I swear you kids don't understand anything these days. It's the smart and the calm that when the battle not the strong and brash." Roshi says.

"Well old man Goku's dead friends would beg to differ."

17 is heard saying above them.

"Good Gero's creations are here." Wheelo and Kochin smile and look at each other.

"Thanks for the warmup Roshi I'll be back when we're done with them." Wheelo now turns his attention back to the androids

"Geros Creations!! Let's take this fight to a more spacious area." Wheelo suggests.

"Cool, not that it matters where we fight." 17 says. They all fly off to neighboring islands.

"Roshi, let's go while we can still can!!" Bulma says.

"No, you get out of here! Take turtle, oolong, and Puar with you. Roshi says.

"Are you crazy?! You..."

Roshi looks back at Bulma with an expression not seen since the return of King Piccolo. An unsure yet determined look to stop Wheelo and the androids.

"Please be careful!" Bulma yells before taking baby Trunks and the others to a submarine she gave to Roshi.

"Baby Gamera!!!" Roshi calls out.

"So, what's your story?" 18 asks the doctors.

"We are rival scientists to your Dr. Gero and we are going to prove that our modified human army is greater than you androids." Kochin explains.

"Well prepared to be disappointed." 17 says.

"Go my bio men!!" Kochin yells. 18 makes quick work of them.

"Really sis you couldn't save one for me." 18 looks at 17 smiling.

"LOOK OUT!!" 18 shouts just before she is frozen. 17 turns around firing a ki blast, it is bounced back by the body of Misokatsun.

"What the..." 17 starts before getting electrocuted by Kishimes.

"Well done Kochin. It seems your upgrades have provided us with an edge over Geros creations." Kochin beings laughing.

"Thank you Dr. It's a pleasure to join you in this victory today." 17 grunts as he gets up smoke emitting from where he was attacked.

"You're going to pay for that!"

Misokatsun appears behind 17 and begins to force the android into his stomach attempting to trap him. 17 tries to fight it but is hit with a megaton forcing him into Misokatsun body. Roshi arrives.

"Wow gotta admit I didn't expect you to pull it off." Roshi says jumping off of baby Gamera.

"Kochin, prepare the transport. Time to study Geros creations." Wheelo says.

"What!? You need to destroy them. They are too dangerous to keep alive!!" Roshi argues.

"Too dangerous for you Roshi. Our warrior on the other hand..." Kochin starts as rumbling can be heard under Misokatsun. He begins to float and expand vertically. Until he pops 17s energy ripping the bio warriors center.

"What?!" Wheelo yells shocked.

"Now you're pissing me off!!" 17 yells.

"Dynamite kick!! "Wheelo yells sending 17 flying. Roshi cautiously walks over to a frozen android 18 and knocks on the ice.

"Impressive right!!" Kochin says walking up behind Roshi.

"Nothing can melt it, so she is trapped in that ice, forever.

"AHH!!" 17 yells pissed.

"Ebifurya NOW!!!" Wheelo yells.

He shoots a frost attack at 17. 17 dodges and runs back into Kishimes electric whips. Sending him back to the ground. Ebifurya appears in front of 17 freezing him.

"It's over." Wheelo declares. Bulma lands her ship stunned at what just happened. Bulma runs up next to Roshi.

"Did they actually..." Bulma starts.

"You shouldn't be here!!" Roshi yells.

"Why they beat the andro..." Bulma says as she is interrupted by a large explosion that blows everyone back except for Wheelo and Kochin. Roshi and Bulma are blown off the edge and caught by Gohan and Garlic.

"G...Gohan is that you "Bulma asks. Gohans eyes never leaving the direction of the androids.

"Have we met... before?" Roshi asks sensing the same Ki he felt years ago when training with Korin.

"You should leave "Garlic says.

"He's right" Roshi says.

"But this is the best chance we have to beating them." Bulma starts.

"Bulma!!" Gohan says sternly.

"Fine!" Bulma yells pulling out a capsule. She and Roshi leave the battlefield.

"So, 18 ready for some pay back." 17 asks 18 fixes her hair

"Oh yea."

They dash towards Wheelo and his remaining Bio warriors, an explosive battle ensues.

Kochin makes his way to his fallen bio warrior and merges with it.

"You ready for this Gohan?" Garlic asks.

"As ready as I'll ever be." They begin to power up to their max. Garlic's power in base matches his giant Namekian form without the mobility loss. His muscle form has surpassed Vegetas Super Saiyan transformation.

Gohan begins to focus his energy the boy has grown in stature and strength. His once long hair cut in a way that slightly resembled his father. Veins protrude the boys head and arms. His eyes change colors lightening cackles around him.

"Remember the pain Gohan!! They killed your master, your friend, my brother!! It's ok to feel that rage, Gohan use it as a tool!! "Garlic yells.

Gohan lets out a scream that echoes through the island. Wheelo and the androids stop their fight.

"Great, just what we needed right now!!" 17 says.

"Kochin, who is that? Wheelo asks.

"No clue sir. But I have a feeling we were wrong about who the world's strongest was." Kochin replies.

Gohans hair finally solidifies into it's golden hue his aura ablaze.

"You're getting the hang of this." Garlic says.

Gohan glares at the androids with a determined and angry look similar to the look Goku gave Frieza when he first transformed years ago.

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