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I love you

This story contains several elements that may be distressing for some readers. The overall tone of the story may be unsettling due to the combination of romantic elements with a sudden act of violence.

Here are potential trigger warnings and viewer discretions:

Violence, Stalking, Intrusive Thoughts, Sexual Content and Unsettling Themes

This story is intended for a mature audience reader discretion is advised.

After a long day at work, I can't wait to see her. You know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you meet that special someone. How time slows down or drags when anticipation really sets in. After all this time I still feel the same, I still get nervous when I talk to her and we have some awkward interaction but today is a big day. Another opportunity to express how I feel. I arrive at 7pm as previously planned.

"There she is" I exclaim my heart racing. She looks at her phone and smiles I wonder what she was smiling at. Was she as excited as I am about tonight, I wait a couple of minutes before going into the house to allow her to get settled. I didn't want to rush her, rush this. I make my way to the door and realize that it was unlocked.

"Did she do this on purpose? Did she know I was waiting outside?"

I smile at this and make my way inside the house. My heart pounding at the thought of her I lock the door behind me. I don't see her anywhere as I roam the house, I see all sorts of old pictures some with family, some alone all scattered throughout the house. I love looking into her light brown eyes they are so captivating. Today is the best day of my life, I hope I don't mess anything up. I thought I heard a sound coming from upstairs I quietly make my way up the stairs, longing for some attention and affection.

I hear the shower start to run and some soft music playing in the back ground. I stop in my tracks, imagining the beautiful frame that awaits. Her sweet caramel skin smooth to the touch standing just beyond the door. I walk slowly in the room to see rose petals scattered throughout the room and candles lit throughout. This is a dream, it has to be everything was perfect. I hear her on the other side of the bathroom humming to herself. It's a beautiful tune, so calming.

Then something unexpected happens the front door opens.

Who could that be?

I hide under the bed as fast as I can. I hear creaks from the stairs as the stranger makes their way up them. I have to warn her, I have to do something. I'm too conflicted in my thoughts to make a decision. I lay there frozen as I watch for a figure to enter, I hear the soft music playing as the woman of my dreams exits the bathroom. I hear the loud footsteps rushing into the room. She screams as the stranger picks her up, he laughs. She starts to giggle

"Happy Anniversary you jerk"

I clench my fist, what is he doing here. This fool doesn't appreciate what he has. She goes above and beyond for him but he just goes through the motions. Never doing anything extraordinary for the woman that gives him the world. I would if she no, when she gives me the chance she will know I will love and cherish her more than this excuse for a man could. They begin to "enjoy" their evening and I can't stand it. She isn't truly happy, she isn't satisfied with him. I can't take it she has to know how I feel! She needs to know what she means to me. I crawl from under the bed and stare at her wonder and beauty. She doesn't see me with the unknowing fool on top of her getting his rocks off.

I make it quick snapping his neck before he realizes what's going on. His body dropping onto the bed. His sudden drop startles her that's ok, I have her to myself.

Her eyes widen as she realizes what's happening. I kiss her on her forehead, she makes eye contact with me and I can finally tell her "I love you"

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