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Breaking Boundaries: Exploring the Power and Evolution of Odina

Updated: Apr 8

Haunted by the demons of her past the reluctant hero and hybrid warrior Odina joins the fray.


Odina has immense strength. Casually being able to lift tanks and when push comes to shove having the strength necessary to lift an entire mountain.

Flight and Speed:

Odina is able to fly at speeds comparable to mach speed.

Healing Abilities:

Odina possesses a form of healing, described as divine blood similar to providing a certain level of recovery. She can’t recover from limbs being cut off but anything less and she is bouncing back.

Fighting technique:

Though she is not a martial arts specialist Odina knows how to fight. Mostly a brawler at the moment Odina is going through specialized training with a woman known as Sister Asema. The knowledge and techniques she teaches Odina have begun to elevate her to a completely new level.

  • Odina is still learning to control her powers and her potential is unfathomable the fruits of her training already manifesting even seemingly pushing past her limits at the end of Issue #4 while facing off against a demonic legion.


Odina exhibits enhanced durability that allows her to walk away from missile strikes unscathed.

Her durability is put to the test when she faces off against Lady Tiye who while wielding her axe is punching with enough force to shatter a planet.

Surviving attacks of this caliber and continuing to fight is a testament to her durability. It’s even said that she can briefly survive the vacuum of space.

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