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Moonlit Majesty: The Empowering Saga of Mahru's Queen Luna

Updated: Apr 18

Intro to character: With the heroes of old Earth long gone. The energy keeper and Queen of Mahru Luna rises to the task.

Connection to the Moon: 

Luna has a natural connection to the moon, and her powers are influenced by it. As the story progresses, her abilities associated with the moon evolve.

Water Manipulation:

 Luna gains the ability to control water, reflecting the connection between the moon and Earth's oceans. 

Seoplasmic Biofield Emission: 

Luna can emit a seoplasmic biofield from herself, resembling a sphere or cloud. This field is described as impenetrable.

Animal Influence: 

While not fully developed yet, Luna has a connection to animals, and it is suggested that she may have influence over them in the future.

Strength and Combat Skills: 

Luna possesses physical strength, described initially as peak human, and she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Her combat abilities are expected to improve over time.

Limitations tied to the Moon: 

Luna's powers are dependent on her connection to the moon. If she is removed from this celestial influence, her powers may diminish. However, good luck removing her all the moons in the universe.

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