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Indie Breakdown Ep.10: "The Cosmic Secrets of Akolyte's Powers!

Updated: Mar 18

Akolyte the descendant of a being known as an infinite supreme, an entity said to exist since the birth of the universes. Akolyte wields the Kokora force that allows him to pull energy from dark matter with dark matter making up 80% of matter in the universe.

Superhuman strength:

Base: After completing his Niylosian training with King Khalon. Akolyte before receiving the Kokora force is said to be at peak human physique being compared to super soldier levels of strength. Even learning Niylosian martial arts which has been compared as the combination of all martial arts known to man wrapped into one art.

Kokora: Following his training with Abner Akolyte is able to tap into the forces of the Kokora at will. Unlocking the strength to punch a moon out of its orbit around a planet. This feat was done when he first unlocked his ability before he completed his training and it said that following his training he is leagues above that level of strength.

The power necessary to move Earth's moon would be between 10 billion and 10 trillion megatons of TNT.

And this was just in Issue 1 with the rest of the issues taking place around a decade later following his consistent training with Abner.

Speed and Agility:

Traversal speed:

At light speed it would take 200,000 years to cross the Milky way. Akolyte can do it in 2 days. This level of speed puts Akolyte at Massively FTL.

Reaction speed:

Akolyte in the most recent issue is seen moving so fast that he was leaving behind afterimages throwing off advanced alien targeting systems. If we were to low ball a feat like this it would easily place him around subsonic - subsonic + levels of speed.

Pair this with his attack speed feat shown when he decimated 6 alien spaceships simultaneously at relativistic to speed of light.

Energy Projection:

Able to casually create shields to protect a mini star fleet and even remarking that he’s made shields bigger than this. This shield was able to withstand a barrage of weapons fire from Zeno warships.

Is able to use the Kokora force to sense he’s being watched and even reveal a cloaked spaceship.

His energy blasts that he can shoot from his hands and eyes can vary in strength based on the amount of dark matter he draws in via the Kokora force. The upper limits of which are yet to be seen.


At this point in the series we have seen that with the powers of the Kokora Akolyte is able to be knocked down but he has never sustained any damage. Having contended with the Children of Chaos an alien task force that consists of the strongest members of their respective home worlds and even able to withstand blasts from a Theran warship. It’s also rumored that the son of the supreme can even withstand black holes giving him near infinite durability.

All of this and the son of the supreme, the man turned god, The moonwalker Akolyte hasn’t even scratched the surface of his abilities.

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