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"Guardian of the Night: Discover the Vigilante Vigor of The Watchman!"

Updated: May 6

Intro to character: From street punk to neighborhood hero the streets of Warren city are under the Watch of the only man that can save them.

Skills/ Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Watchman has enhanced strength putting him above that of those at peak physique 

  • Enhanced Speed: Though not a speedster watchman is faster than the average person moving above the Olympic level.

  • Enhanced Senses: Heightened senses allowing him to see and hear beyond normal human limits.

  • Healing Factor: Capable of healing from injuries, though he can't regenerate lost body parts. The speed of recovery depends on the extent of damage inflicted.As seen in his issue two where he was stabbed through the leg and bounced right back.

  • Durability: Possesses enhanced durability, making him difficult to kill. He can withstand gunshots and even grenades.

  • Combat Skills: Trained in real-world battle tactics due to military experience and the previous Watchman making him a formidable and strategic fighter.

  • Weapons: Proficient in the use of double-bladed weapons that function as both escrimma sticks and a staff. Additionally, equipped with a Kevlar suit for added protection.

  • Gadgets: Utilizes gadgets like flashbangs for distraction and a stolen enhanced bike for mobility.

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