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A Konkret vs match

Updated: Apr 2

Good day everyone, we recently had the opportunity to moderate a Vs. battle between two of Konkret Comics characters.

Absolver and The Watchman.

This battle was definitely an interesting one. We had the opportunity to learn more about both of the characters and their abilities. We even became privy to some insider knowledge (We won't be sharing of course lol.).

However, we will drop a snippet of the debate that took place in their discord. We recommend reaching out to them and jumping into their discord to hear more debates like this one.

At the moment we are helping moderate Konkret versus debates. However we also wanted to work on something ourselves called "Indie Vs" (Indie verses get it? lol anyway)

We most likely will be working with Konkret on this to talk about more indie characters fighting other comic characters. I think this will be a fun collaborative effort and I hope to open this up to other indie comic communities and hear their takes on the various battles.

Alright enough rambling here's a snippet of the vs. debate.

Again I think doing this on a wider scale would be epic. I definitely have some ideas potentially some tournaments spawning out of this. Make this an all year thing.

If yall want to see this be sure to let me know. If you're not in it already be sure to jump into our discord via the link below.

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