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What if Wednesdays Episode 3:

Updated: Mar 5

Episode 3: Who watches the Watchman?

After some awesome conversation (aka trash talking) with Lyle Ringold about his character "The Watchman" vs. "Akolyte" (both Konkret Comics characters) we decided to do a What if with his character vs some very skilled fighters in the indie universe.

So here's the scenario:

All over Warren City newcomers arrive leaving those they face in need of an ambulance. Watchman believing them to be a threat, goes to face each of these newcomers over the course of a single night.

Can Watchman run the gauntlet against some of indies most skilled fighters?

You decide.

1)Shannon Noble (Skrap)

2)Black Bow


4)The Butterfly (The Blue Morpho)

5)Ace Blade

6)Trey Eval (Antagonist and fight island)

Location: Warren City


All comic feats allowed

Weapons allowed

No outside help

No prep time

Win by Knockout or Death

We had an amazing conversation with the various creators in the comments section of the original Instagram post. If yall aren't following us on their you are missing out.

The trash talking got real, a lot of words exchanged but it was time to decide if "The Watchman had what it took to defeat these fighters. We had the opportunity to discuss on Instagram live more about "The Watchman" and during the course of the live it was decided that if "The Watchman" could survive the gauntlet it would be high difficulty.

However after further review I would have to retract that and say that "The Watchman" does not make it through the gauntlet.

The gauntlet for "The Watchman stops at Shannon Noble. She literally has ultra instinct and is essentially tapping into the goddess of battle power. This girl is a beast with years of training to back it up.

From what I've seen from the current run of each story (Skrap having an advantage of having 4 issues) if Watchman makes it there is no way he gets past Black Bow.

If Watchman faced these characters 1v1 with plenty of rest in between I think he has a chance. However in gauntlet facing off against all of them in a single night he loses in round 2 tops.

If you've read these stories and have a different opinion let us know how far you think "The Watchman" gets.

Have you had the opportunity to read our actual stories well follow the link below and get to know the characters in this weeks what if.

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