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Midnight Adventures: Universal Displacement

Brainiac: The information that I’ve digitized throughout the universe has brought me one step closer to understanding the multiverse. However the anomaly that brought my exobyte technology from the future has also brought in beings from other earths. Earths with champions far different than the ones I know. This obstacle does not concern me as I know that all will be one with Brainiac.

Meanwhile down on Earth chaos ensues. Various heroes and villains begin to appear on Earth. Thrown into the confusion with those receiving their abilities from the Exobytes. The Justice League facing off against Brainiac attempting to gain control of this situation.

Blue Morpho: Where am I?!

The Blue Morpho is seen looking around at all the chaos.

Blue Morpho: Butterfly?! Butterfly, come in! Mom, please say something. Where are you?

As the Blue Morpho calls out to her mom. A bald man attempts to sneak up behind her.

Victor Zsasz: I will liberate you from your despair and hopelessness.

The Blue Morpho turns around as Victor goes in for a stab. The Blue Morpho front flips over Victor and follows up with a sweeping kick. Once on the ground she disarms him.

Victor: Why do you fight?

Blue Morpho: What’s it to you?

Victor: Life is meaningless. Allow me to liberate you from the fear, anger and senseless violence that…

The Blue Morpho punches Victor to shut him up but he looks up with a bloody nose and smiles. She punches him a second time knocking him out. She looks up at all the chaos around her.

Blue Morpho: Where are you mom?

Meanwhile Metropolis, The Grey is seen with debris falling towards her and several civilians next to her. She quickly uses her photon blasts to destroy the falling debris.

The Grey: That was close.

Civilians: Thank you so much.

The Grey: No problem, now get out of here.

The Civilians leave the area.

The Grey: Yea I think I’ve got the hero game down.

Livewire: Who are you supposed to be?

The Grey looks over and sees the villain and is taken aback by her appearance.

The Grey: Well if you must know I’m…

Before she even finishes saying who she is, Livewire fires electricity at The Grey. Thinking fast, Shameka absorbs the energy Livewire is firing.

The Grey: That was rude.

Livewire: Welcome to Metropolis sunshine.

The Grey: Metropolis?

Livewire increases her electrical output however Shameka continues to absorb the energy now only using one hand to do so. She uses the other hand to charge up a huge photon blast firing it at livewire who is completely caught off guard.

The Grey: Where did you say we were?

Shameka begins to walk towards livewire

Livewire: Screw you!

Livewire's eyes begin to light up as she powers up another attack. The Grey cups her hands together and fires an energy blast from both hands. (looks like a final flash type blast/stance) The combination of the enemy sends Livewire catapulting into a nearby building.

The Grey: I may have overdid it there. Anyway, guess it's time to figure out where I am and what’s going on.

Meanwhile, breaking out of one of Brainiac's ships, Sol and Vibrant Bombardment are seen fighting Brainiac sentries and overseers. Sol is shooting his blasts back to back with Vibrant Bombardment.

Sol (thinks to himself): Where am I now?! This is getting ridiculous. Octave, this is getting out of hand.

Vibrant Bombartment (thinks to herself): This can’t be right. I don’t recognize this city and Sol is… This must be some sort of universal displacement that Shameka used to talk about. What could have caused that?

As the two are battling with the various sentries, Superman is seen crashing through the ship bringing it down.

Sol(thinking to himself): Another world full of heroes. Gives me time to figure out how I can get back home rather than fighting to save the day.

Superman: You