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What if Wednesdays Episode 1: Let's talk about Attack on Titan

Updated: Mar 19

With Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 coming at the top of 2022 we figured why not talk about a previously streamed What if between our characters Izanagi and Izanami vs The 9 titans. Do they stand a chance? Would they survive? Or would both sides ultimately destroy each other. We would like to take another look into how our characters would fair in a battle with the 9 Titans.

So let's refresh your memory on the titan abilities.

1) The Founding titan: This titan is able to turn subjects of Ymir by screaming and can control the minds of titans.

- Honestly the only threat this titan poses to Izanagi and Izanami is the sizable force it can amass by transforming the subjects of Ymir into titans with its scream.

2) Armored titan: This titan has armor for skin and can harden its arms and feet.

-The armor is impressive and could pose a threat to Izanagi and Izanami if their strikes aren't able to break through his armor.

-Also with this titan s ability to harden its arms and feet into shaper claws. This may be one of the few titans that could actually damage the two.

3) Attack Titan: This titan can receive memories from both past and future. This titan seems well balanced with decent mobility.

- With its ability to receive memories from both past and future Izanagi and Izanami may be in trouble and unable to counter an opponent able to see events that haven't been experienced yet.

4) Beast titan: This titan takes on the characteristics of various animals. This technique varies between users or inheritors. (in this case we would using Zeke)

-This particular titan i can see serving as a distraction crushing up boulders and hurling them at the pair. Possibly identifying a weakness in the pairs fighting ability by keeping them on the back foot and even separated.

5) Cart titan: This titan is known for its endurance and speed. This titan is perfect for attacking as a unit.

- The cart titan could bring artillery, additional forces, and supplies to the battle field to aid in the fight against Izanagi and Izanami. However it does not have an type of attack power capable of harming the two.

6) Colossal Titan: This titan is gargantuan and emits a powerful steam.

-The steam could possibly repel any attack Izanagi and Izanami throws at it. Also this titan strikes could prove devastating even for the mighty Izanagi.

7) The Female Titan: This titan is able to harden itself ,has great maneuverability, and amazing offensive capabilities.

- She could probably out maneuver Izanagi and Izanami and corner them in the trap of the rest of the titans.

8) The Jaw Titan: This titan much like the cart titan is extremely swift. This titan has hardened teeth and claws that could damage almost anything.

- The hardening ability is truly formidable and if this titan were to bite down on Izanagi or Izanami it could do some serious damage. The same could be said with getting hit by its claws.

9) The War Hammer Titan: Able to create various structures and weapons utilizing its hardening ability. This titan can also be controlled from a distance.

-This titan one of the most dangerous for the pair to face up against. Especially with its ability to create an incredible number of weapons and structures. If it takes to long for Izanagi and Izanami to figure out how to kill this titan it could prove fatal.

Not even Levi could go into battle hoping to take down all of them by himself. Even if paired with Mikasa in a blood lusted last stand. I don't believe there would be anyway for the two of them to stop all 9 of these titans alone. This is including the use of thunder spears. I believe they could do some damage but inevitably fall.

However the pair that we are talking about today aren't Levi and Mikasa. The two that are battling these 9 titans aren't even human. The two facing off against the 9 titans are the deities Izanagi and Izanami. But before we can tell you how the battle plays out let's give you a couple feats and background for those two characters as well.

Izanagi and Izanami are two beings born for battle. The mission they are left with is to "Maintain Order and Structure in the shapeless chaos that is the world." Through this mission they face off against a plethora of Yokai.

Izanagi: Also known as "He who invites, he wields a jeweled encrusted spear and is said to have the strength to stir the ocean itself. With the help of us air manipulation he is immensely powerful.

Izanami: Also known as "She who invites. Fights alongside Izanagi with nature manipulation abilities that she is able to focus through her blade.

One of the many Yokai they have faced off against. The fearsome Orochi itself. Look at them do it with a smile on their face.

Izanagi and Izanami face off against beings like the titans on a regular basis for fun and to protect the people of Onogoro island if the Yokai dare to get that close. So for all intents and purposes this fight should be an easy win for the pair. However let's create a scenario that's much more interesting.

*Some spoilers for the Attack on Titan final season from this point forward you have been warned. Also we will be taking some liberty and say that Annie was able to escape with the others so that she can be included in this fight. During this she will be with Pieck and Porco when they are trapped underground.*

The attack on Marley has begun, Eren has killed Willy Tybur. Chaos and destruction are everywhere. Pieck, Porco and Annie have been trapped underground. It doesn't look good for Marley. However that's when the Warhammer titan shows itself and much like in canon she begins her battle with Eren. Easily dominating the battle The War hammer asks Eren for his final words. However when the surprise attack occurs not only does Mikasa appear with Thunder Spears and fires them at the nape of the War hammer but Izanagi and Izanami have also appeared at the same time. Izanami freezes the war hammers leg as Izanagi strikes the frozen leg destroying it.

"Look at all this destruction!!" Izanagi says

"Guess we made it just in time. Is that things leg regenerating?" Izanami responds

Eren and Mikasa look confused at this two. Seeing as they were able to easily destroy a limb off a titan with no odm gear. Also they noticed the abilities that Izanami showcased. Instead of jumping back in the battle Eren sits back for a second to formulate a plan.

The war hammer begins to stand back up confused as to what happened.

"Looks like we found a durable one. This should be fun" Izanagi confidently shouts before spinning his spear and entering his fighting stance.

The war hammer creates hardened structures that plow towards Izanagi and Izanami. Izanami jumps out of the way noticing Eren and Mikasa standing on top of Erens titans. They all lock eyes briefly and then a building explodes in the distance. The Survey corps has ambushed the Marleyan soldiers.

Meanwhile Izanagi has sliced through all of the various hardened strucutres created by the war hammer titan.

"I have to say these are pretty sturdy, I actually had to try. However it is your destiny as Yokai to fall before our blades." Izanagi declares.

"Yokai?" Eren questions.

Izanami jumps towards Eren and Mikasa. Believing Eren is being targeted Mikasa attempts to attack Izanami. She fires her thunder spears at Izanami. Never seeing anything like this she takes the hit head on.

A huge explosion occurs fire and smoke everywhere. However moments later Izanami is seen walking out of the fire unscathed.

"Have you humans made deals with the Yokai to acquire this power?" Izanami asks.

"Us humans?" Eren questions.

"Get out of here Eren!!!" Mikasa yells

Izanami stares at Eren and looks at the titan he is poking out of.

"Answer me and I may spare your life!!" Izanami demands.

Mikasa reappears desperate to save Eren and begins to attack wildly at Izanami, zipping by and shooting thunder spears at her.

Eren turns his attention back to the War hammer hoping to be able to devour it. However when it looks Izanagi is slashing its body to ribbons with his Thousand winds strike. The war hammer has seemingly been defeated.

Eren jumps off and retransforms into his titan form. But just as he does he is attacked by the female titan and the jaw titan. The cart titan is in the background with artillery firing at the survey corps.

"EREN!!!" Mikasa yells.

"He's the last one you should be worried about child" Izanami says as she dashes towards Mikasa. She grabs her by the neck and slams her into a nearby building knocking her out. Izanami looks at Mikasa curiously before she leaves.

Izanagi looks at the three other titans facing off against each other.

"This chaos is ridiculous" Izanami says as she lands near Izanagi.

"I don't understand humanity. Why side with these Yokai? Do they not see they only bring them harm?" Izanagi says.

The War hammer begins to reform once more.

"Didn't you kill that thing?" Izanami says.

"Well... I guess not. Resilient beasts aren't they? Izanagi questions.

"They are and I'm sick of this senseless destruction. Let's end this. Izanami says sternly.

The two cross their blades and nod at each other.

"TO ORDER AND STRUCTURE!!!!" Izanagi and Izanami say in a thunderous voice.

There yell is so loud it causes everyone it draws everyone's attention including all the titans.

The pair actually begin to take the battle more seriously. Izanagi now using his thousand winds once more on the warhammer, jaw and female titan. The female titan is able to harden her nape just barely surviving the strike. However the Jaw titan is not so lucky, Porco is completely annihilated by the strike.

Jean and the others arrive at Mikasas location.

"Where's Eren?" Mikasa once more is asking.

"I don't know but Mikasa right now we need to get out of here. I don't know who those two are but the mission has gotten out of hand. We need to regroup." Jean says.

"We should let them do the work for us?" If they take down Marleys titans maybe we won't have anything to worry about and we can go back to paradis and live in peace." Conny suggests.

Mikasa still looks around frantically searching for Eren. She sees his titan but it doesn't look like he's in it.

"I'll stay and find Eren you get everyone out of here!!!" Mikasa says

"Don't be stupid we're not going to..."

Jean is interrupted by Armins transformation in the distance.

"They just keep coming" Izanagi says.

Izanami is seen stabbing her sword through the top of the hardened shell that Annie put herself in.

"Izanagi, I think i figured out how to permanently kill these things." Izanami says

"Is that so?" Izanagi questions raising his eyebrow.

"This shell popped out of the neck when you sliced through it. This is where they are stored. Also that other one that keeps running away continues to appear from outside the neck of his monstrosity." Izanami explains

"Good eye my love. Let's finish the last couple off and end this." Izanagi says.

Izanami smiles as she finishes shoving her sword through Annie.

As they begin to jump off into the sky. The warhammers structures reappear and strike Izanagi in the stomach.

Izanami looks back to make sure Izanagi is ok.

"HA HA!! I see now. Go on love I'll finish this." Izanagi says with a smile.

Izanagi slices through the construct.


Izanagis spear spins his spear all around him destroying the ground underneath him and the connecting cable from the titan and Lara Tybur. Izanagi locks eyes with her and slices through her crystal.

"Quite the trick! Two more to go."

*Referring to Eren and Armin. He doesn't know about Reiner, Pieck and Zeke were defeated same as in canon.*

Izanagi and Izanami charge at Armin who is in disbelief. He wasn't expecting two being without ODM gear to have the ability to jump up to him and attack his nape. The steam slow down their attack.

"This one is different than the others. If this one was here earlier it may have made things more interesting." Izanagi says

Izanagi uses his air manipulation to redirect the steam and blocks Armins vision. The pair cut through his torso and tear off his arms. As the colossal titan begins to fall they go for the head however with less than a second to spare Armin escapes from the neck of his titan and uses his gear to latch onto their air transport.

"It got away." Izanami says angrily.

"We could destroy that thing he's on." Izanagi suggests.

"We don't know if everyone on board are Yokai. Besides we have one more still hiding below." Izanami responds.

"How do you plan on finding him in all that?" Izanagi asks.

Izanami smirks

As Izanami smirks she sees Mikasa attempting to escape with Eren onto the air transport.

Izanagi stabs through Eren causing him to go crashing back down towards the ground. He uses a partial titan transformation to break his fall. However Izanagi and Izanami carve him out and hold him down with blades near his neck.

Everyone is looking out of the air transport seeing what's going on. Mikasa hangs from the air transport ready to jump back into action but held back by her friends. While Eren lay there facing death in the face.

To be continued?

Hope you all liked that. Just a little something. Initially i was going to use the final battle of the manga but i didn't want to alienate the anime only viewers so i went for a scenario that has already been animated. Of course again I took some liberties with Annie being there but I don't think she would bring anything to table in a battle against two deities.

These titans are being stopped by normal humans or other titans. Izanagi and Izanami are naturally stronger than humans by a vast margin so there is no way they would be taken down by any human conventions or be outclassed by the titans themselves.

This blog post is actually an extension and deeper look into a battle we discussed during our What if Wednesday videos on Instagram so be sure to check that video out when you get the chance.

Have you had the opportunity to read our actual stories well follow the link below and get to know the characters in this weeks what if.

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