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What if Wednesdays Episode 1: Let's talk about Attack on Titan

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

With Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 coming at the top of 2022 we figured why not talk about a previously streamed What if between our characters Izanagi and Izanami vs The 9 titans. Do they stand a chance? Would they survive? Or would both sides ultimately destroy each other. We would like to take another look into how our characters would fair in a battle with the 9 Titans.

So let's refresh your memory on the titan abilities.

1) The Founding titan: This titan is able to turn subjects of Ymir by screaming and can control the minds of titans.

- Honestly the only threat this titan poses to Izanagi and Izanami is the sizable force it can amass by transforming the subjects of Ymir into titans with its scream.

2) Armored titan: This titan has armor for skin and can harden its arms and feet.

-The armor is impressive and could pose a threat to Izanagi and Izanami if their strikes aren't able to break through his armor.

-Also with this titan s ability to harden its arms and feet into shaper claws. This may be one of the few titans that could actually damage the two.

3) Attack Titan: This titan can receive memories from both past and future. This titan seems well balanced with decent mobility.

- With its ability to receive memories from both past and future Izanagi and Izanami may be in trouble and unable to counter an opponent able to see events that haven't been experienced yet.

4) Beast titan: This titan takes on the characteristics of various animals. This technique varies between users or inheritors. (in this case we would using Zeke)

-This particular titan i can see serving as a distraction crushing up boulders and hurling them at the pair. Possibly identifying a weakness in the pairs fighting ability by keeping them on the back foot and even separated.

5) Cart titan: This titan is known for its endurance and speed. This titan is perfect for attacking as a unit.

- The cart titan could bring artillery, additional forces, and supplies to the battle field to aid in the fight against Izanagi and Izanami. However it does not have an type of attack power capable of harming the two.

6) Colossal Titan: This titan is gargantuan and emits a powerful steam.

-The steam could possibly repel any attack Izanagi and Izanami throws at it. Also this titan strikes could prove devastating even for the mighty Izanagi.

7) The Female Titan: This titan is able to harden itself ,has great maneuverability, and amazing offensive capabilities.

- She could probably out maneuver Izanagi and Izanami and corner them in the trap of the rest of the titans.