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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 7: Pride of Namek

Updated: Mar 19

"Where am I?" Garlic says.

In appearing in the middle of the Namekians.

"You're home." An elderly namekian says walking towards Garlic.

"I'm Grand Elder Moori.

The other Namekians begin to introduce themselves. Garlic stays on Namek learning their fighting arts, healing techniques and meditation practices. Through this training he finds peace with his past.

In age 764 Future Trunks arrives and kills Frieza and King Cold.

In the alternate timeline Goku returns to Earth and kills Frieza and King Cold.

In both instances Garlic senses these battles unfold and longs for an opportunity to help but can't due to being so far away.

Garlic spends the next couple of years growing in strength until one day a ship arrives attempting to attack New Namek.

"Moori, this feels like..." Garlic starts.

"Frieza" Moori finishes with sweat forming on his face.

"What are we going to do?" asks Dende.

"We can't allow him to land his ship." Garlic responds

"Take the best of the warrior clan and destroy that ship!" Moori commands.

Garlic sends a telepathic message to the clan.

"Frieza has returned, we must not allow him to land his ship. Nameks future is in our hands!"

The warrior clan and Garlic fly to where ship is projected to enter the planet.

"Together!!!" Garlic yells as they all land.

"Dark Twin Star!!"

All the Namekian's shoot their blast at once heavily damaging the ship.

"Don't let it hit the planet." A namekian yells out.

They fly into the air, group up and let out a massive super ki explosion. Garlic notices a figure emerge from the smoke in the air.

"He's trying to get away!! You all finish off the ship! I'll hold him off!" Garlic yells charging at the figure.

Garlic clashes with the figure.

"You are braver then I was led to believe. I suppose after dealing with my brother you guys decided to fend for yourselves." The figure says.

"You're brother?! Who are you?" Garlic asks.

"It seems the insect is confused. You may have mistaken me for my brother Frieza. I am Lord Cooler." Cooler responds.

"You'll be destroyed all the same." Garlic says immediately charging up to full power and going on the offensive.

Garlic holds his own for awhile before Cooler goes to full power. Garlic is pushed back and transforms into his giant Namekian form. Now able to match coolers strength Garlic is unaffected by Coolers attacks. Noticing his ship is nearly destroyed Meta Cooler flies off to the Namekians destroying it.

"I've underestimated them. Who would've guessed that they would attack me at the source. Completely different from fighting those monkeys on Earth." Cooler says aloud.

Cooler fires several death beams at the Namekians killing them on impact.

Most of the ship was obliterated by the Namekians combined explosion but with Coolers intervention what's left of the ship touches down and latches onto the planet.

Garlic thinks back to the Turles' Tree.

"This isn't an ordinary ship It's going to siphon energy from the planet. We're almost there transform and blast into this thing." Garlic commands.

With the little energy the Namekians have left they transform into their giant forms. The energy is too much for Cooler and his ship causing a massive explosion that kills a bulk of the warrior clan that don't have the energy to defend themselves.

The dust settles and the smoke clears the battered and bruised Namekians make their way home. Once there, they meet up with those that can heal them.

"We have achieved a great victory today, but at a great cost. Many of our brothers fell in this battle. Their memory will live on through us." Elder Moori says.

"Why not use the dragonballs?" Garlic asks.

The crowd looks at Garlic and begins to speak amongst themselves.

"Silence brothers, it appears he doesn't know about the consequences of the dragonballs. He can't be blamed for that, you see even if a good wish is made on the dragonballs negative energy builds up in them. The energy overtime becomes to much for even the Dragonballs and eventually they crack, creating evil deformed manifestations of each of the dragons within the balls."Moori explains.

"How do you know all of this?" Garlic asks.

"Guru, the elder before me showed me the horror that caused the great catastrophe. The shadow dragons a force that dwarfs the likes of even Frieza. Our warriors at the time were no match. At this time in our history there were those that were known as Super Nameks beings powerful enough to handle battles like todays without breaking a sweat. Even they didn't stand a chance against the might of the shadow dragons. So in order to save our world Guru had to make a decision one that meant a future for Namek. He had to kill the creator of those dragonballs. He killed the Namekian known as Katas to save Namek from complete destruction." Moori continued his explanation.

Garlic stares stunned at the mention of such a being and the revelation that his direct ancestor was sacrificed for their survival.

"Oh no!" then the way the earthlings have used the balls could..." Garlic stammers.

"Yes, it is worrisome but it is not our place to tell them how to use the dragonballs. They will learn as we did." Moori explains.

"Rest for a moment Garlic, let me heal you." Dende says stretching his arms out. Garlic sits as he is healed.

"Let's hope now that the threat of Frieza and his family have been dealt with, we can enjoy peace and refrain from using the dragonballs.

Goku dies from the heart virus.

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