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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 6: Lord Slug

Updated: Mar 19

"Medamatcha NOW!!"

Garlic turns around to see several small wide eyed creatures dashing towards him. He tires to move but didn't realize the blue creature had grabbed hold of his legs from underground.

"What?!" Garlic struggling to escape yells. Garlic begins to charge ki blasts in his hands before taking a devastating punch in the back from the winged creature. With his arms outstretched Medamatcha attaches to both arms.

Garlic attempts to use his mouth cannon.

"Commander!!" The other creatures yell.

The commander counters with his causing an explosion to go off in Garlics face. Now dazed the rest of the Medamatchas attach to Garlic. As Garlic begins to lose consciousness he sees a tall green figure smiling at him.

"Spare him he may know about the dragonballs. Garlic passes out.

Sometime later Garlic wakes in a cell with a field preventing his escape. Completely drained of energy Garlic lay in his cell. Eventually hearing a conversation in the distance. "Dragonballs?" a familiar and unpleasant voice asks. "Yes, with them you can make any wish you want including immortality. Combined with this tree of yours we would be unstoppable." The voice belonging to the tall green figure from earlier.

"Well what are we going to do about him? He took out my whole crew."

"After we find out about the dragonballs he's all yours Turles."

"What?! He should be dead!" Garlic thinks to himself.

Garlic reaches out to Popo telepathically. "I sure could use a senzu bean about now."

"I told you to wait, but I understand its what needed to happen." Popo appears with a senzu bean.

"Thank you Mr. Popo"

Before disappearing Mr. Popo gets word Kami will be returning soon and disappears. Garlic smiles

"It's time to finish what I started."

Garlic sets off his new favorite move the super Ki explosion eliminating all but Turles and Slug.

"My ship!? My men!" Slug yells throwing his helmet revealing him to be a namekian.

"You're a.." Garlic starts.

"Slug, the fruit may not be complete but the extra boost we get could give us the edge we need!"

As Turles finishes speaking Garlic kicks him out of what's left of the ship, into a giant tree.

"This is..." Garlic starts.

"Yes, this is the tree of might. It's growing consuming the energy of your world and once fully grown will bear fruit that'll...What the?" Turles realizing Garlic has swiped an incomplete piece of fruit from the tree.

"This should add the strength I need to destroy this thing." Garlic says devouring the fruit. (providing half the boost as a fully grown fruit.)

Power immediately surges through Garlics body electricity crackling around him.

"It's over Turles and I won't make the same mistake again. Dark Twin Star!!" Garlic yells while two immense ki blast are launched towards Turles and the tree destroying them completely. "One to go" Garlic says as he teleports to where Slug is.

"Impressive display of power. Power that rivals the Super Nameks of old." Slug says.

"Super Nameks?" Garlic asks.

"Yes, there aren't many of us left. There was a great catastrophe on Namek that threatened our existence." Slug explained.

"So you're one of those Super Nameks?" Garlic asks and Slug nods.

"Unfortunately even Super Nameks can't beat the tests of time, without the dragonballs anyway. As a fellow Namekian..." Slug looks down to see a hole in his chest.

"I won't be used by anyone." Garlics power surges, now with both hands stretched out immediately takes out Old Slug and his terraforming machine with a massive ki wave.

Meanwhile in the arctic a scientist stands in front of his old lab once covered in ice, made accessible once more.

Following the defeat of Frieza the refugee Namekians use the Dragonballs to create a new namek. Garlic is accidentally transported to New Namek.

If you enjoyed this story and would like our help developing your very own story follow the link below and let us help

Our goal was to integrate our character into the story incorporate the movies and not break the canon. Let us know what you think and take a look at the official dragonball wiki to see if we missed anything

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