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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 5: Tree of Might

Updated: Mar 19

Several days after Garlic emerges from the time chamber, Goku leaves for Namek. While sensing Goku leaving for namek, Garlic and Mr. Popo sense high power levels heading towards Earth.

"What will you do with Goku and others gone?" Mr. Popo asks. "This is what I've trained for. I don't need them to handle this." Garlic says. "But there are so many of them and..." Mr. Popo begins. Garlic then flies towards this new threat "I sense that one of them has a power in the same league as... Goku." Garlic smiles as he increases speed towards the threat.

Meanwhile the power levels land and stand at the edge of a cliff. "Let's plant this thing" one of the figures say. "with this tree we will gain immense power and we will be unstoppable! Not even Frieza could stop us." Another figure says as he starts to laugh. He drops a seed into the ground. Garlic shoots a ki blast at the seed.

"What the? Who dare?" one of the figures yells. Garlic appears in the middle of the group

" I dare!" shooting a mouth blast through one of the short purple henchmen. "Raisin!! No!" A similar looking alien screams as Garlic expands his arm crushing it's head before disappearing from their sight.

"I suggest you leave this planet. That was your only warning." Garlic says his voice echoing throughout the area. "You dare take on the Turles Crusher Corps! Daiz! Cacao! Smoke him out!!"

The two henchmen float into the air charging up ki blasts to devastate the area. While charging up their attack Garlic attacks the one barking orders. With him off guard Garlic reaches through his chest.

"You disappoint me, I was hoping for a challenge. Garlic says smiling

"You'll get your challenge, this isn't over yet" He says coughing up blood.

"Amond!!" Daiz yells, both he and the cyborg Cacao shoot a blast at Garlic seemingly encompassing him. After the initial flash of light they realize Garlic has thrown Amond into their blast while shooting one of his own matching theirs.

"Don't let up men!! Give em all you got!!" Amond yells as he is then destroyed by the power of the clashing ki waves.

"I don't think so" Garlic adding a little extra power to his blast destroying the last two men.

"Now where is the one that I sense that was as strong as..." Garlic thinks to himself before being interrupted "Impressive!!" Turles says with his arms crossed.

"So I take it you're Turles "Garlic says shifting back into his fighting stance.

Turles smiles uncrossing his arms with a menacing smile on his face.

"I will defeat you and plant the tree of might..." Turles starts, Garlic charges in going for a punch to Turles' face. Turles manages to block.

"What the..." Turles smile goes away.

"Shocked?!" You ain't see nothing yet."

Garlic grabs Turles arm and lets off a super ki explosion. As the smoke clears it's revealed that Turles' armor is completely destroyed. Turles breathing heavy says

"This isn't over!"

He creates a energy ball and throws it into the sky.

"Let's see how you handle A saiyans true power!" Turles starts to transform.

Then suddenly the transformation stops

"What!? Turles exclaims.

From behind it's another Garlic.

"How?!" Turles shocked asks.

Garlic smiles

"Multi-form technique"

Both Garlics begin to land powerful blows on the evil saiyans, before merging back together. Garlic picks Turles up by the neck

"You'll pay for this!" Turles yells "

I doubt that" Garlic says as he shoots his eye beam through Turles chest. "Now it's over" Garlic says dropping Turles' body.

Then another ship full of power levels is making it's way to Earth.

"Impossible, I over did it in that last fight this may prove difficult."

As Garlic thinks this Mr Popo arrives on his carpet taking Garlic to the lookout before he can object. "What was that about Popo!? Garlic yells

"After a battle like that it would be best to rest and observe. That super ki explosion took up most of your energy." Mr. Popo says as he walks back to the edge of the lookout.

Garlic clenches his fist and walks away.

"That's all you two seem to be good for"

Meanwhile back on Earth the ship lands near a metropolitan area where an army of armored troops emerge. They begin to fire ki blasts on the populace.

"I will not sit by and watch this happen." Garlic says as he jumps off the lookout and flies towards the chaos.

By the time Garlic arrives at the crash site the commotion had ended. The streets littered with bodies. He can sense the power levels at nearby towns recreating the same scene. Garlic rushes to all the nearby cities taking on these armored aliens wherever he finds them dispatching them with no issue.

After a full day of defeating wave after wave of this new threat, exhaustion begins to kick in.

"Someone looks tired" An orange winged create says.

Garlic eyes widened as he looks around realizing he's surrounded.

"I give you this warning our master Lord Slug has commandeered this planet. You are his guests now. Follow his edict and you shall live. Or you can join the countless others who have tried to resist and died." A light blue horned create with blonde hair says.

Garlic grunts and prepares to charge.

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