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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 4: Purpose

Updated: Mar 19

"What am I looking for? Purpose? Identity? The son of a nameless namekian filled with the essence of a Makyan. There is so much hatred and anger in me. I find myself envious of these humans who have a family of their own never truly alone. I'm angered by my lack of strength against that saiyans. I'm fearful of what could happen if I let my guard down again. Can I trust anyone? Will I be consumed by this anger? There must be a way for me to grow stronger."

Garlic begins to Meditate in the overwhelming nothingness of the time chamber. Several weeks into his meditation his internal conflict with the essence of Garlic intensifies.

A dark aura surrounds Garlic, causing him immense pain and anguish. Garlic begins to hear a voice in his head.

"Avenge us! We are your true family!" Garlic grabs his head in pain

"Get out of my head!!" as a purple aura begins to manifest around the dark aura a separation begins.

"You're nothing without us. You can't trust him. We are your family. Our name will be known throughout the cosmos." The voice continues to say in his head.

"Fathe...Garlic Sr." Garlic the 3rd stutters as he then continues to writhe in pain. Nearly passing out and then suddenly relief. Garlic panting heavily "What in Kami's name was that?"

"Well it was you. Or should I say me? Us maybe?" It doesn't matter, what matters is I'm free to do as I please." A evil version of Garlic says.

"What!? You're?!!" Garlic struggles to get out. "Yes, I'm you the one that is filled with the power of our father Garlic. Stronger than you but weaker than we were. I desire that power and you will give it to me."

Garlic the third finally picking himself off the ground says "What makes you think I can or will give you anything?" Dark Garlic smiles

"Fool you don't realize that you've used the technique of Kami, one called fission. The very technique that allowed him to separate himself from Piccolo." Garlic the thirds eyes widened

"Impossible, so you're..."

A large smile stretches across Dark Garlics face

"That's right I'm that evil you were worried about consuming you. Here to do just that.

Garlic immediately switches into his fighting stance ready to take on this evil. "I suppose consume is the wrong word actually. I guess I mean I plan on absorbing you and becoming one with you again. Of course, with me in control this time around. With no Kami around or his little fighting troop this world is mine, or should I say ours?"

"I refuse to let any of that happen. If you think I'm just going to sit back and let you do as you please you're wrong. Prepare yourself because I won't be holding back."

Both Dark Garlic and Garlic the 3rd charge at each other matching each other blow for blow, producing devastating exchanges of punches and kicks. The volatile conditions in the time chamber begin to flare as it goes from extreme cold to extreme heat in mere seconds. Several hours of battle have begun to take their toll on the fighters. The both shoot out ki waves at each other and another beam struggle ensues. Dark Garlic begins to gain the advantage, he smirks pushing more and more energy into his attack. Garlic is losing footing as he is still unsure of what he wants and the point is. Garlic begins to think about all of the disappointments he has experienced from the time of his birth. Then it clicks

"I will not sit by and watch evil like you ravage the world. I will conquer the evil in myself and destroy anyone that means harm in this world. I will do what Kami won't do, I will be earth's guardian!"

Garlic declares remembering the connection between Kami and Piccolo. Garlic smiles "This is going to hurt."

Dark Garlic yells as he pushes Garlic back more with his blast.

"Nice speech but you're finished!!"

Garlic focuses a majority of his energy in one hand to continue the intensity of the blast and uses his other hand to damage himself, affecting the Dark Garlic. Causing the Dark Garlic to lose his footing and the in that instance he's edge in the beam struggle.


Dark Garlic screams as he is encompassed by the beam and is incapacitated. Garlic exhausted staggers over to his Dark self and proceeds to reabsorb his Dark self.

Now reborn and with a clear mind Garlic knows his purpose but before he can continue his training he passes out from the strain. Once awake he continues his meditation continuing to grow and perfect old techniques. After one day on earth passes, Garlic emerges from the time chamber. A bright light surrounding him,

"" Mr. Popo says in awe of Garlics strength and new resolve.

"Mr. Popo, I will protect this world from its constant threat of monsters and aliens." Garlic declares.

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