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The Legend of Garlic the 3rd - Chapter 1: Family Ties

Updated: Mar 18

The story begins in Age 431, when the nameless son of Katas is told that in order to become Kami he must expel the evil in his being. In Age 447 the nameless son of Katas first attempt to expel the evil within him fails. He spits out an egg. Unsure of what this means he visits the assistant of the current Kami for advice.

"I can sense that this egg has a portion of my essence, but I can tell that it did not expel the evil from my being. What do you make of this Mr. Popo?" the son of Katas asks.

"I'm afraid I don't know. I believe the best option would be to seek an audience with Kami to find out what this could mean." Mr. Popo responds

Mr. Popo and the nameless son head off to the inner sanctum of the lookout. Meanwhile, the scontender for the throne notices this conversation and seizes his opportunity. The individual competing against the nameless son for the title of Kami is none other than Garlic Sr. With the nameless son and Mr. Popo gone, and the egg unguarded, Garlic Sr. begins to pour his essence into the egg in hopes of sabotaging his competitions chances of being successor.

The nameless son is concerned and further distracted from his training when he senses the growing evil presence coming from the egg. The nameless son goes back to Kami to discuss what should be done.

He is advised by Kami to wait and observe and to continue his training.

Several years later, in age 453, the nameless son approaches Kami.

"Kami, how much longer must I wait? Have I not proven myself? Maybe the egg is the embodiment of the evil in me. Tell me Kami, what more must I do before I am able to follow in your footsteps?" The nameless son falls to his knees before Kami.

"I have sent the egg to Korins tower. There, he has the divine water in which he will have the egg soak. This should cleanse the egg of the evil inside. Know this young warrior, if you expect to be the next Kami, you must learn patience. Now go and continue your training"

"Thank you" The nameless son says before leaving the chambers.

Lurking in the shadows is Garlic Sr.

"It's apparent that Kami doesn't want me to have the thrown. He favors the one with no name. What is the point in us competing if he's made up his mind. However, I will not let the thrown go so easily. He sits high and mighty on his throne and does nothing with a world below him that he has no part of, well I'll change all of that. The world will know the power of the Makyans. The world will know the name Garlic."

Sometime later Garlic sends his minions to steal the egg from Korin. Little did Garlic know, a young warrior by the name of Roshi was training at Korins tower in an attempt to get the sacred water. The young warrior fends off the minions, but loses the egg in the process.

A few years have passed. It is now late into the age 460 and the egg has finally hatched while in the care of Garlic Sr.

"This is perfect. Yes, a fine specimen indeed. My essence truly does flow through you. You shall be called Garlic the 3rd."

The young namekian looks like any other namekian except instead of being green, Garlic the 3rd is black and yellow with red eyes. Several days later Garlic Sr. prepares his army to attack the lookout.

"Father, why can't I go with you? What Kami has done isn't right, he must pay!!" Garlic jr yells clinching his fist.

"No, my son. I understand your frustration, but this is my fight. You are the pride of the Makyan race. I need for you to stay here and look after your new brother."

"Father, you speak as though you're not coming back."

Garlic puts his hand on his sons' shoulder

"My son no matter what happens to me, know that I am proud of you. I believe that we were meant for greatness. The name Garlic will be known throughout the cosmos one day. I know it. If I fail here my son, carry on our name on behalf of the other makyans, take revenge on Kami, and be strong my son"

Garlic Sr. leaves his sons and a few henchmen behind, and leads the rest of his army to Kamis lookout on the eve of age 461. Garlic heads to the lookout ahead of his army to see that the nameless son is officially being selected as the new Guardian of the Earth.

"What did I do wrong? I trained countless hours. I've done everything you've asked since before this nameless fool got here. But you've cultivated him and prepared him to be your successor!! Why make me feel as though I had a chance?"

"Depart from me you fool." The guardian says.

"Is that all you have to say to me?!! Is this really the extent of this after all this time!!" Garlic Sr exclaims.

"Please Garlic, we can protect this world together" The nameless son pleads

"And become you're little Mr. Popo? No thanks. I realize now that the only way to the throne is by force!!" Garlic yells before flying off the lookout to his army.

"Deploy the black water mist!!!" Garlic Sr commands

"GARLIC NO!!!" the nameless son yells

"I banish you within this Dark Crystal a perfect reflection of your blackened and hardened heart. For your treachery you and your army will be trapped here for the rest of your life. Be gone you fool." Kami yells as he stretches his hand.

In a single moment Garlic and his entire army are banished into the Dark Crystal. The nameless son and Mr. Popo stand by in awe.

"Mr. Popo, go and disperse the sacred water to counter this black water mist. And you, the nameless son, you are on the verge of expelling the evil and when you do I will relinquish my title as Guardian of earth and you will then take the name Kami."

A few months later, the nameless son is successful in expelling the darkness. The evil inside becomes King Piccolo.

Over the next ten years, Garlic the 3rd learns the ways of the Makyans training with the likes of Sansho, Salt, and Garlic Jr. himself. Ultimately becoming Garlic Jr's rival.

Meanwhile, the King Piccolo wars begin and end with Master Mutaito sealing him away with the Mafuba.

Leaving his last surviving students Master Roshi and Master Shen behind to defend the Earth.

One hundred years go by. As the Garlic brothers continue to grow in strength, Kami stands in his familiar spot on the lookout and senses the energy coming from Garlic the 3rd. It reminds him of the egg from before he became Kami.

"Mr. Popo the egg that Garlic stole. I sense him. Should I introduce myself? And what of Garlic Jr. should I try to make amends for what happened?"

"That is for you to decide Kami.. What would your predecessor do?"

"hmm... I wonder Mr. Popo."

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This story was inspired by my namekian character Garlic the 3rd from Xenoverse 1 & 2

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