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Indie Vs. Delta Dogs vs Black Bow!!!

Updated: Mar 19

Before we dive into the VS. matchup let's give you a refresher on the contestants

The Delta Dogs 7 superpowered cousins who got their powers from a mysterious green entity find themselves entangled in a gang war. Though most have the durability, speed and strength of the average human their powers give them the necessary edge to make this group of teens a force to be reckoned with.

From powerless citizen to the symbol of hope for Nickel City. Black Bow bows to end the corruption of his city and sets his sights on ending corruption in the world as whole with the ancient powers of Anu.

Alright refresher is over its time for the long awaited Indie vs. Matchup

Delta Dogs vs. Black Bow

The Delta Dogs are facing off against petty criminals in their neighborhood. 

When they all hear/see an explosion in the distance. They all arrive seeing Black Bow killing some muggers in an alley. 

Seeing him as an immediate threat and potential super powered being because of the light glowing of his back.

Black Bow, realizing that he is surrounded by the Delta dogs, draws his arrow and looks around thinking about his best course of action. 

However, diving right in to throw him off Zig and Trio blitz Black Bow. 

He manages to dodge the trio’s attack but is struck in the face by Zig. Black bow rolls with the punch spinning around and fires off an arrow.

Quan uses his shadow to catch the arrow before a flash bang goes off.

Realizing they are kids and he doesn’t want to hurt them he plans to escape. 

However before he can Lil B uses his steam to limit his vision while also firing it directly at him in hopes of pinning him down. 

When Black Bow is able to withstand this until Vonnel appears throwing a wind punch launching Black Bow into a wall.

Vonnel begins to celebrate, excited to be a part of taking down this enemy. At that moment a slightly annoyed Black bow gets up and knocks out the kid. 

In a fit of rage Curtis, his arm covered in his diamond like armor, goes to strike black Bow.

However he manages to dodge and kicks him to the side. 

Lil B releases a bunch of steam to block Black Bows vision. 

Trio is seemingly running all around black bow. Successfully punching at him.

Just when he gets adjusted to Trio and is able to counter. Zig tags in and begins punching at him.

Black bow on the backfoot prepares to fire an arrow when his arm is held back by Quan's shadow preventing him from firing. Black Bow acknowledges that they are good for being a group of kids. 

However he’s done playing around, Black Bow taps into his Anu cores and his able to physically overpower Quan's shadow and move faster than Trio and Zig. That’s when a dumpster is tossed at Black Bow by Mike. 

Black Bow dodges and fires an arrow up into the air. 

He seemingly misses firing directly into the sky. Black Bow proceeds to jump back and forth between the walls in the alleyway. 

Dodging the various attacks from the group as he reaches the roof.

He looks back down at them once more stating how impressed at what this group of kids was able to do. 

Before the arrow he shot earlier crashes down, the group finds out soon enough that it was a hypersonic arrow (emits a high frequency sound) that nearly incapacitates everyone below.

However as they are delta dogs are covering their ears in pain from the high frequency noise. Black Bow realizes too late the member he hasn’t paid much attention to. 

Mike in mid air comes barreling down increasing his density delivering one of the hardest punches Black Bow had ever felt. 

Causing him to crash back down into the alley way. Quan, struggling through the sound, uses his shadow to destroy the hypersonic arrow. 

The Delta Dogs gather themselves and surround Black Bow. As he lay there unconscious.

And there you have it folks the Delta Dogs win the first ever Indie Vs. matchup.

Most people thought it would be a easy battle because of the numbers. However I believe that the experience that Black Bow has gave him the edge he needed to stay in the fight as long as he did. Their fear of losing one another is a crutch for them in this matchup but at the end of the day the Delta Dogs team work has grown and in fact does give them a massive advantage.

I hope you all enjoyed this first Indie vs and we hope that you stick around for the next one taking place following Season 2 of Indie Breakdown.

Please let me know if you agree with my verdict and let me know what you would have done differently.

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And remember until next time…

Midnight is coming.

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