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Indie Breakdown Ep. 1: Delta Dogs Unveiled!

Updated: Mar 18

The Delta dogs 7 superpowered cousins who got their powers from a mysterious green entity find themselves entangled in a gang war. Though most have the durability, speed and strength of the average human their powers give them the necessary edge to make this group of teens a force to be reckoned with.

Shadow Manipulation powers, comic book character
Quan aka The Alpha Leader

Abilities: With his shadow manipulation abilities he is able to mold his shadow into different shapes. Using it to create a shield able to withstand gun fire, leap tall distances, and even shape it into a humanoid form to attack.

Density Manipulation powers, comic book character
Mike aka Kilo

Abilities: Can change the density of himself and anything he touches. Allowing him to jump up tall buildings and off them without causing damage. Even changing the density of crates and vehicles with no struggle.

Steam Manipulation powers, comic book character
Lil B aka 1 Lung

Abilities: Is able to radiate varying levels of steam from his body. He has used this ability to burn guns out of people's hands and fire steam strong enough to launch someone in the air and pin someone else into a tree. He has also used this ability as a smoke screen

Cloning and Cellular Manipulation powers, comic book character
Josh aka Trio

Abilities: Is able to make two clones of himself. When he absorbs them he is able to move at an accelerated rate. Usually moving faster than most people can keep up with. This ability actually serves as a type of healing factor as well.

Electrical Manipulation powers, comic book character
Kenny aka Zig

Abilities: Is able to turn into electricity and is fast enough to easily catch a speeding vehicle. Able to create at least 7 sentient constructs of electricity and has an uncontrolled ability to send people to a different dimension.

Crystal Manipulation powers, comic book character

Abilities: is able to grow crystals out of his body. He can wear it like armor, shoot it like projectiles, or wear it like gauntlets.

Wind Manipulation powers, comic book character

Abilities: With his wind manipulation abilities is able to shake the entirety of a building with a single punch. Breaking down a steel door and sending the henchman of the gang flying with that same punch.

Don’t test these 7 because these dogs bite back. The Delta Dogs have arrived.

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And remember until next time…

Midnight is coming.

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Unknown member
Dec 04, 2023

I definitely wanna see them fight some1 cool!

Unknown member
Dec 13, 2023
Replying to

I'm sure you won't be dissapointed!!

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