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Indie Breakdown Ep. 2: Anu's Enigma: The Mystical Powers of Black Bow

Updated: Mar 19

From powerless citizen to the symbol of hope for Nickel City. Black Bow vows to end the corruption of his city and sets his sights on ending corruption in the world as whole with the ancient powers of Anu.

Superhuman strength:

Black bow in base is at peak physical strength but when he taps into the powers of Anu his strength is taken up 10 fold.

He has superhuman accuracy and is able to add power to his arrows causing them to explode on impact. His arsenal includes smoke arrows, sonic arrows, emp arrows and much more. Pair this with his ability to apply Anu to them makes his arsenal extremely dangerous.

Speed and Agility:

Traversal & Reaction speed:

Was seen perceiving bullets being fired and running fast enough to defend a bystander in its trajectory. Was able to deflect those same bullets with his bow without being hit by the oncoming fire.


Black bow was unmoved by an explosion that happened a few feet in front of him. An explosion that sent several cars flying into the air. It is said that with the help of Anu he has a healing factor.

The man who communes with the ancients the practitioner of Anu Nickel Cities symbol of hope Black Bow rises.

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Midnight is Coming

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