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"Blaze into Action:Dive into Hotshot's Fiery Fury "

Updated: May 6

Intro to character: Despite juggling his hectic life as an art student and struggling with the pressure of being a hero Michael musters up the strength to press forward as the hero known as Hotshot.

Skills/ Abilities:

  • Super Strength: Hotshot has enhanced physical strength, allowing him to exert force beyond normal human limits.

  • Flight: He has the ability to fly, utilizing super-focused heat blasts for propulsion.

  • Heat Detection: Good luck sneaking up on Hotshot because he can detect the heat inside people, similar to the Predator. Which has aided him in various situations

  • Focused Heat Blasts: Hotshot can generate super-focused heat blasts, which as stated previously he uses for flight and as a form of attack. These blasts can trigger explosions and are powerful enough to propel him over great distances. 

  • Durability: Hotshot exhibits resistance to explosions and fires. His durability allows him to withstand significant threats, such as missile explosions.

  • Ignited Form: In an ignited form, Hotshot experiences a surge in power, comparable to a raw version of Thor. This form is triggered in extreme situations, providing him with enhanced abilities. In his ignited form, he attains a heightened level of speed without the need for reactionary movements because everything that comes into his vicinity when using this ability melts before it impacts. When in the ignited form, Hotshot’s flames become intensely hot and described as  white hot flame. With his elevated powers he is powerful enough to propel an enemy from Columbus, Ohio all the way to the Antarctic.

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