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We're on twitch now!!!!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

So prior to officially starting Midnight Comics we had another brand by the name of "The Gamers Haven" and obviously based on the name it mostly revolved around gaming. We've decided for the time being to assimilate "The Gamers Haven" channels on YouTube and twitch into Midnight Comics. After attempting to build two brands at the same time for year we decided it would be best to focus on the one we were most passionate about.

So with that being said we will still post gaming content but we will have a heavier focus on showcasing our released content and creative process. Specifically our Community Character Creation streams. Those streams will consist of us utilizing a randomizer wheel to create the base character. Following that it will be up to the community to name the character and create a backstory. We have created some cool characters and some completely wacky characters. So, I look forward to seeing what you all bring to the table.

My hope with the Character Creation streams is to get each one drawn out (or draw them myself) following that I want to do a one shot with the created characters in action. I think that would be awesome and to be able to turn around and say that community put that together will be epic.

We will be doing art streams on the channel. We used to do art streams on "The Gamers Haven" every Saturday morning. However, that slowed down as production on the comics were underway and I focused more on writing the stories out. However, I believe we have a better handle on the things we are trying to do and so I'm confident the art streams will be back in full swing.

We also have a discord alongside our Twitch and my hope is that we all get to know each other a little better in there. I want to have days were we draw or write while listening to music, maybe we can call it "Vibe sessions" (name pending) Let me know what y'all think.

One last thing before ending this post. We are open to feedback of any sort, so if there is something you want to see here on the website, on our twitch or any of our platforms please let us know.

Promise the posts here will be more frequent. We said we had a lot to tell you we gonna start acting like it lol.

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