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The Wait is nearly over...

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

is so close to dropping and I'm so excited. This has been quite the journey. We looked back and saw that March 9th 2021 was our first mention of working on all four of these stories. Fast forward, and now I'm able to hold a copy of this masterpiece in my hands.

Earlier this year we dropped our 2nd issue of "The Unbeloved", and while that was exciting, with the release of this book we officially have 5 stories in the Midnight Comics catalogue. How awesome is that?!!!

Our first year in business has been a hard and eventful one. Going into year, two prepare for more stories, more epicness, and many more characters to be introduced.

If you're signed up on the mailing list you've already got a sneak peek into whats to come. But just in case you haven't we've got a decent release schedule coming y'alls way.

The Unbeloved Chapter 2.1

The Unbeloved Chapter 2.2

Tales from Midnight Issue 2

Includes the following:

Dogma Issue 1

The Last Day Issue 1

Ravens Omen Issue 1: (Artwork coming soon)

I'd say we have a pretty solid line up for 2021 and on top of that we will be working on getting the individual runs for Blue Morpho, Sol, The Grey, and Admani started. Also Also, Sol's will be appearing in "The Powerverse: Powers that be! Superteam."

Midnight is coming and it's taking over the indie game. Mark our words 2022 is going to be huge. The countdown to Midnight continues.

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