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The Pandemic - Prologue

This is a snippet of a story that I developed with a friend of mine between 2005-2009. We have sat on this story for years with only a select few having read a digital version.

What I am showcasing today is the prologue please let us know what you think and if you like it maybe we will release the full story.

Anyway please enjoy.

I vaguely remember what life was like before all the chaos started. I remember warm peaceful summer days, the buzzing of rush hour traffic on a long stretch of suburban road, I remember nicely cut lawns and children at play. I remember my parents always telling me things like, tomorrow isn’t promised and live everyday like it’s your last. I should have heeded those words. I remember all the things we took for granted back then. What I would do to go back to before all this. Before the Pandemic spread and ended the world as we knew it. This here is my account, my story of how I saw our bright and somewhat peaceful world change into this dark and chaotic hell.

The sun was setting as we finally pull up to our new home. “Home sweet home” my mother said. Growing up in the city I wasn’t too thrilled about moving into the suburbs. I wanted to stay where we were and stay where my friends were. As if he read my mind father said “it’s a fresh start.” “But dad seriously it seems so boring out here, there’s nothing going on.” I said

“Good maybe we need a little boring. The hustle and bustle of city life isn’t all that. Sometimes quiet and boring is good.” Father replied. “Alright your room is upstairs the second room on the left. Go ahead and get the air mattress out the car and get ready for bed. We have a busy day ahead of us.” Mother said.

Ok but after I unpack tomorrow is it ok to check out the neighborhood.“Only if, you finish unpacking everything” Mother said “Yes ma’am I’ll make sure to do that first thing in the morning. Good night guys.”“Good night” They said almost in unison.

I ran upstairs and looked around my new room, eventually making my way to window and surveying the surrounding area, in an attempt to familiarize myself with the neighborhood. Hoping to see something interesting happened. Of course nothing did. The next morning, I heard the sound of my father yelling and clapping his hands “WAKE UP!!!! You need to finish unpacking.”

Slumping up out of the bed I greet my parents and make my way to the car. While moving the last couple boxes out of the car, I see a group of people walking, at that moment a voice rings out from the group.“Hey, what’s up?” One of my new neighbors said as they walked up “Nothing much I replied, I just moved here from…” I started to reply but was interrupted by another one of my neighbors “Yea that’s nice but, we don’t take to outsiders.”I could only wonder what in the world did I do to.

“Uhm, did I do something wrong?” I asked. I was mad thinking wonderful first day and already I’m having problems with the people my age in the neighborhood. “Nope” I responded by asking “So why are you all…?” They all started laughing. I had no clue as to what was going on.

“Hey, the name is Kurt; we were just messing with you. Welcome to our neighborhood. This here is Lloyd, Lisa, Vante, Veion, Nadjee, Charlene, Michael, and Patrick.”

Now Kurt was a tall guy, he didn’t have any siblings but considered the rest of the gang his family. Whenever things got crazy and the group started to fall apart Kurt would always do his best to bring everyone back together and resolve the situation. Lloyd was short or how he liked to put it “Vertically challenged” he was talkative and liked to be goofy. He had a younger sister it was hard to tell if they got along or sometimes even cared about one another. They had a very interesting relationship.

Lisa, Lloyd’s younger sister had a good head on her shoulders and although it seemed she was mad and yelling all the time she always had a clear head and understood what needed to be done whether good or bad. She just didn’t want to be the one to dirty her hands.

Vante and Veion Robinson were very much alike they weren’t too far apart in age the both enjoyed sports especially football. They like to talk without thinking things all the way through and make assumptions about people but for the most part they always meant well.

Nadjee McKinney was definitely the dorky one of the group. He was cool and funny at times. He was definitely tough all of the stuff he went thorough out this nightmare let’s just say a lesser man would be dead by now. But unfortunately no one quite gave him the recognition for all of the things he did and endured.

Last but not least the Umeibe siblings, Patrick, Michael, and Charlene completed the group. They were a close nit group. They would argue from time to time like all siblings do. But they knew that in the end family would always be there for one another.

Patrick and Michael were the older siblings and are very protective of Charlene. All though they are all close it seemed as though Michael and Charlene being the youngest of the siblings built a stronger bond with each other.“Well hello everyone, yall had me thinking that I was in some sort of trouble.”

“No, but the look on your face was priceless. Anyway do you like to play cards?” Lloyd said.“Who doesn’t? I’m going to set this down and I’ll be right out?” I said as I ran inside to drop my box in my room. “Sounds good just meet us across the street we’ll be in the garage.” Kurt said

I didn’t realize it yet but I just met a group of people that would have my back through anything, a real group of friends. “Alright I’m back, what did I miss?”

“Nothing really, just us dominating everybody at cards” Veion said “Anyway, dude how you like it here? Nadjee said “Well, its ok I guess. I’ve only been here for a couple hours so I’m not sure.”

“To be honest with you, it’s slow and quiet around here. Not much happens around here.” Lisa said “Yeah pretty much all we got around here is the park and the local any-mart.” Lloyd said “Oh!! Sounds just outstanding”

“Well it won’t be so bad once school gets started” Patrick said. “Man you’re crazy the only thing worse than our school is the football team.” Michael said. “Now wait a second, if you actually played maybe you could actually talk.” Vante said “Sorry they get carried away sometimes.” Nadjee said

“Your girlfriend got carried away” Veion said everyone shared a laugh. It was great; time seemed to fly right by while hanging out with the gang. They played some music and we danced for a while and got to know each other more. Before I knew it, it was evening time and it was time for everyone to head on home. “Well it’s been fun everyone; It was great meeting you all”

“It was great meeting you as well; I guess we’ll catch you tomorrow.” Kurt said. “Sounds good till then”

Upon entering the house, I remember walking up and seeing my parents smiling and laughing. “So much for it being boring here?” father said. We all laughed and enjoyed a meal and prepared for bed. Little did I know that it was going to be the last time we would be together enjoying the simple things in life.

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