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"Storm's Fury Unleashed: Explore the Phenomenal Power of Jupiterman

Updated: May 6

Intro to character: In the face of chaos and death Jupiterman the man turned god must decide whether it’s his place to bring justice to the world or leave humanity to their own devices. 

Skills/ Abilities:

  • Control over Time: Jupiterman can manipulate time, slowing it down, speeding it up, and morphing it to his will.

  • Sun Energy Absorption: He can energize himself by absorbing sun energy from various sources, including other beings and plants.

  • Lightning and Storm Powers: Jupiterman has the ability to harness every storm to ever exist in his universe.

  • Traversing the Spirit World: During his hibernative state, Jupiterman traverses the spirit world, helping souls pass over. While in this space he is able to commune with spirits of those passing and learn a number of techniques from them. It’s been stated that this is where he learned his various fighting techniques when he spent over 200 years there.

  • Strength Level: Jupiterman's strength is notable, ranging from country to continent level, with the potential to impact the world.

  • Formula Speed: In space battles, it’s said that Jupiterman can crack space-time, indicating an extraordinary level of speed.

  • Reactionary Speed: Jupiterman can perceive and react to attacks at speeds just under the speed of thought. 

  • Stamina: Jupiterman is also able to fight for hours and even days without breaking a sweat, 

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