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So... We started streaming again

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

We have a twitch channel and we just started streaming again and I have to say the last couple of streams were so much fun. I'm definitely hoping to get back doing this regularly, I don't have all the days down yet but I will.

We will post the videos on youtube however I wanted to also post some on these blogs as well.

Currently our stream consists of the following:

Fight Night: We face off against anyone who is interested in any game we are playing. (Simply right)

The rules are be respectful and have fun.

Fight Night will take place Tuesday evenings 6:30 PM est.

Community Character Creation Night: This is for people who join the Patreon and want to create characters. Based on the tier we will either be witnessing the creation of the character being drawn or brainstorm the characters design.

Art Streams: Currently I'm going through the process of coloring my manga "The Unbeloved" So this stream will be a really chill stream where we listen to music and just hang out.

There may be more streams that we come up with but honestly I think this is a good starting point. (Still gotta find time to actually write these stories lol).

Please be sure to follow our Youtube and of course our twitch (

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