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Looking forward into the future of Midnight Comics

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

So as you all know "Tales from Midnight" and the first two Chapters of "The Unbeloved is out. What's next., What else does Midnight Comics have to offer. Well it's about time to give yall something else to look forward too.


This story is about a group of survivors facing off against a myriad of demons. Though experienced in taking them on they don't have the numbers to be everywhere at once. When darkness looms over the world who will you call on?

We will be revealing more about this story and the characters in them soon. Be on the lookout because this story is slated for a Fall 2022 release.

The Powers that be! Superteam:

So we've mentioned this one before and this is more of a collaboration with Vince Whites power verse and a host of other Indie creators. This story at the moment is a three part saga and man the way Vince has the story laid out is brilliant. I love seeing how Sol is interacting with these other characters and threats that lay in wait for them. The excitement is real and the stakes high in this epic adventure.

I know I've posted this pic quite a few times but we can't show much else for this story. Just know this is the beginning of something amazing. Be on the lookout for this story which is slated for a Summer 2022 release.

The Unbeloved Chapter Part 1:

Last but not least the next installment of "The Unbeloved" is coming really soon. All hell breaks loose. With our group oblivious to the horrors that await. Will Ebisu be able to protect Hiruko and Awashima from the hellscape that lay before them?

The script for this chapter was so massive that we had to split it into two parts. So Pt 1 will release February 2022 while Pt 2 is scheduled to release Christmas next year. This chapter lays the groundwork for the rest of the series so this is one you don't want to miss.

So as you can see next year is going to be stacked with content from Midnight Comics. Stay tuned and remember Midnight is coming!!!

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