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"Locked and Loaded: Pinpoint's Aggressive Arsenal"

Intro to character: From a distinguished military sniper to member of an esteemed strike force known as Chess. Pinpoint has his sights set on his next target.

Skills/ Abilities

  • Military Background: Pinpoint is a former army sniper with a background in the military. He started his training by going to a shooting range in his teenage years.

  • Gun Expertise: Pinpoint is skilled and accurate with various firearms. He is particularly talented in handling guns and has a preference for aggressive and direct approaches. Getting his nickname for his insane precision with firearms.

  • Durability: Pinpoint's durability is based on his physical condition. While he doesn't possess superpowers, he can endure a significant amount of pain, comparable to a person in peak physical condition. Surviving explosions and being electrocuted.

  • Resourcefulness: Pinpoint is described as resourceful, particularly when in the midst of a fight. He knows how to use his surroundings to his advantage and is not afraid to employ unconventional tactics.

Team Position: Pinpoint is part of the Chess team, which is a personal agenda strike team working for Avery Davis. While part of a team, Pinpoint stands out due to his aggressive and non-stealthy approach. However when alone Pinpoint really shines and is the complete opposite. He is insanely stealthy, only being seen when he wants to be seen.

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