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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

*Forgot to publish this post. This is from a while back. but it's still relevant. Enjoy and thanks for reading*

What's going on everybody it's Lloyd Jones with Midnight Comics Happy Thursday.

I woke up this morning about 4:00am and my daughter was up actually 2 of my kids were up. But she was downstairs and made a fort and under that fort were indie comic books and she was actually downstairs reading the books we had bought.

My first reaction was almost what are you doing with those put them back.

Then I saw me and my sister when we were younger trying to read my dads comic books. Except instead of it being Marvel and DC they were indie comics that we've been collecting.

I kinda really feel inspired and wanted to share that with everybody. We're out here possibly inspiring that next generation right. You know I enjoyed my dads comic book collection and now we are out here making comic books ourselves and so I used to say this all the time but we really can be the most inspirational person to somebody.

It's very encouraging for us and hopefully encouraging for you guys, Anybody that's watching that

If you create anything somebody can be inspired by you.

You can be motivating somebody to eventually walk in their purpose and do what it is that they wanna do and find that passion.

And so i guess I just wanna say to everybody that is a creator whether it's comic books acting whatever the case may be content creator as a whole.

You're doing it

You're already doing it.

You're creating

Don't get bogged down on the quality of the artwork or anything like that because

Practice makes better.

Whether you're the artist that's doing it. Whether you can only afford a certain level. Whatever the case is, whether its writing, artwork, recording, videography etc.

Practice makes better and the fact that you're actually doing it is more than most people have actually accomplished.

You're actually taking the chance

You're putting yourself out there


You're creating.

And so shout out to the all the black indie creators out there.

Thank you,

Because of you our kids are now reading black indie comic books and wrapping it into black history month you guys are inspiring that next generation.

Our kids are reading your books. If you're somebody that drew the books. if you're somebody that's writing the books, if you're the publisher bringing the books out

You're doing it.

You're reaching the audience

That inspired me this morning. That's possibly motivating and inspiring them to do what it is they will eventually do.

So thank you.

And remember

You have the potential to be the most inspirational person in the world to somebody.

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