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Indie Vs. Season 2 Finale: Evora Leigh vs Jupiterman

Before we dive into the VS. matchup let's give you a refresher on the contestants

With her parents seemingly abducted the new breed of human Evora Leigh decimates everything in her path on quest to find her parents.

 In the face of chaos and death Jupiterman the man turned god must decide whether it’s his place to bring justice to the world or leave humanity to their own devices. 

Alright refresher is over its time for the long awaited Indie vs. Matchup

Evora Leigh vs. Jupiterman

Evora is on the hunt for her parents taking on various machines sent in to stop her.

Throughout the course of her rampage a hero long forgotten to time has reawakened after 200 years.

Jupiterman senses a strange energy and begins to follow the trail.


Evora Leigh yells as she tears through a Well Labs facility.

Evora looks around frustrated in a pile a machinery and debris. Breathing heavy having decimated so many of the security robots.

"I can't sense them. My parents aren't here so it's time to go."

Evora Leigh makes her escape avoiding the unit sent to the facility to stop her eventually arriving at her packed vehicle.

"This type of senseless destruction gets you no where!" exclaims a voice.

Evora speeds up not knowing where the voice is coming from.

Jupiterman lands in front of Evora Leigh.

"You got to be kidding me!!"

Evora swerves out of the way narrowly missing Jupiterman.

"I knew they had been trying to create the a new breed of human but to my knowledge they weren't successful. But he doesn't look like he's one of their failures" Evora thinks to herself.

"Cease this senseless destruction or else!"

"Senseless destruction? I'll show you senseless destruction!!!!

Evora with a pink aura around her charges in at Jupiterman.

"You're going to need to be faster than that to... UGH!!!"

Jupiterman is caught off guard by the concussive pink energy blasts being fired off from Evoras hands as she continues charging forward.

Jupiterman stumbles back.

"Back in my time there was never anyone capable like you."

"I don't care about your time. Get out of my way!!!"

Evora charges in with her energy swelling around her and punches Jupiterman.

"What the..."

Evora is shocked as Jupiterman is unmoved by this strike.

"For years I've stood on the sidelines because I believed that it wasn't my place to meddle in humanity's affairs. However if they are beings like you seeking to harm others, than I have no choice."

Jupiterman charges in at Evora, who puts up a shield in defense.


Evora's shield cracks slightly. She jumps back and fires several blasts at Jupiterman who walks through them unfazed.

She jumps into the air and solidifies her energy in an attempt to put some distance between the two of them. However, Juptierman flies up towards her with blinding speed.


Jupiterman clamps his hands together and strikes down at Evora, who was able to put her shield up just before the strike. Evora crashes into the ground as Jupiterman hovers over her.

"Stay down."

Evora Leigh struggles to get back up before her energy begins to swell. Her energy surrounds Jupiterman and begins to condense. Jupiterman begins punching at the energy bubble.

"I warning you one last time child"

Evora struggling, lifts the energy bubble with Jupiterman in it up into the sky. She slams Jupiterman into the ground several times before jumping in the air over the crater left behind and fires off a massive blast.

Evora Leigh lands. breathing heavy.

"I need to get out of here. I need to find my par....ugh"

Jupiterman appears grabbing Evora by the neck.


"I'm sorry I tried. Mom, dad I'm sorry."

From the shadows another figure appears.

Sensing the intent of this being of this new opponent he let's go of Evora realizing that he may have misread the situation. Evora falls catching her breath before looking up and seeing Jupiterman facing down one of the Wells Lab failures. Subject 14 has arrived.

Evora Leigh stands up and looks at Jupiterman the two nod at each other.

The pair enter a fighting stance charging at Subject 14 together.


With his overwhelming strength Jupiterman wins this Indie Vs. matchup.

I love the randomizer wheel when selecting matches because I would have never selected this match myself. However that's what makes these matchups so fun the uncertainty of it all.

Unfortunately for Evora Leigh, she didn't have the arsenal necessary to take on a power house like Jupiterman. He is powered by the gods and has resided in the spirit realm for 200 years giving him centuries to learn and understand his various abilities.

The only weakness he actually has is that he doesn't want to fully embrace his godhood. But regardless of that fact, Jupiterman is still an overwhelming force.

I wanted to focus on Evora leigh more on this scenario because her rampage and quest to find her family could easily misconstrued and make an avenue for Jupiterman to get involved.

I hope you all enjoyed this Indie vs and don't forget to stick around for season 3; Already in the works.

Please let me know if you agree with my verdict and let me know what you would have done differently.

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And remember until next time…

Midnight is coming.

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