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Indie Breakdown Wild Card: “The Untold Powers of Sol: Amon Ra's Secret Revealed!"

The bridge between god and man has risen as the powers of Amon Ra the god of wind and sun the hidden one himself have manifested into the hero known as Sol.

At birth the power of Amon Ra integrated into Sol's body the power granting him Super strength, flight, super speed, and super durability. 

Due to this union Sol also has the armor of the gods that manifests from within his body. This armor manifests the moment he begins to utilize his power or when he is in danger. This armor is strong enough to withstand the pressure and heat of the sun.

Sol may not have Amon Ra’s knowledge but he has some pretty devastating moves.

First up we have the move known as Sunspot. When Sol pulls in power from the sun darkness surrounds him and the heat of the sun is concentrated on him as he absorbs it.

Through this he is able to magnify the heat absorbed from 

the sun and direct it anywhere in his body for physical strikes or shoot them as blasts.

However, When Sol absorbs the energy from the sun it actually removes all of its heat and light for 8 minutes. 

Sol also has an ability called Solar flare. When Sol absorbs too much energy his body begins to shoot out solar flares to dispel that energy. The flares lash out like whips.

Sol also has the ability to manipulate the air in his immediate vicinity, specifically he is able to absorb and remove air from a particular area Though he mostly uses it to sense nearby threats.

Let us know who you think can stand up to this character in the indie multiverse and check out the interview with the creator on our weekly indie breakdown episodes now on patreon and Spotify. If you want us to break down your character follow the link below.

And remember until next time…

Midnight is coming.

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