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Indie Breakdown Ep.5: Deja Vu: Unseen Powers and Hidden Origins

Updated: Mar 18

Thrust into a battle with a private military group hellbent on stealing his tech. Malcolm Crown must become the hero known as Deja Vu.

Superhuman strength:

Deja vu has trained for years and at peak human levels of strength with the help of his suit Increasing his strength several times. His training over the years consisted of a mix of wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and boxing.

Deja vu is able to take on several highly skilled opponents at the same time, even proving to be a formidable fighter taking down highly trained assassins without his suit on.

Energy system:

Deja vu has precognition abilities allowing him to see things before they happen. With the help of his suit he is able to manipulate probabilities to allow him to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes.

Deja vu turned off the tech connected to his eyes and ears leaving him only with his precognition to defeat an opponent who was using technology to cause vertigo.

(Deja vu turned off the tech connected to his eyes and ears in order to defeat this opponent.)


Deja vu’s suit enhances his durability allowing him to withstand significant damage the upper limits we have yet to see.

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