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Indie Breakdown Ep.4: Homeless Homeboy origins and powers Revealed

Updated: Mar 18

The Protector of the forgotten a power passed down by a man known only as the ancient unknown Terrance Rivers becomes the hero known as the homeless homeboy.

After a fateful encounter with the man known as the Ancient Unknown Terrance Rivers is granted with the power to become the protector of the forgotten a hero known as Homeless Homeboy

Superhuman strength:

Homeless homeboy is trained by the ancient unknown in order to fully utilize his new abilities. He gains professional fighting skills while also unlocking abilities like the fog screen, spirit force and flight.

Homeless homeboy is strong enough to survive strikes through buildings and can dish out strikes just as strong as seen with his battle with the Drunken Assassin

Spirit force: Homeless homeboy utilizes a spiritual force that allows him to sense the people around him as well as fire off a shockwave that pushes back anyone and anything in his immediate vicinity.

Fate has chosen a new champion, one who brings hope to the forgotten. Terrance Rivers is the Homeless Homeboy.

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Midnight is Coming

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