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Indie Breakdown Ep. 3: Zillah's Fury and the Story that Will Leave You Speechless!

Updated: Mar 18

Zillah a warrior trapped in Gehenna. A woman fueled by revenge, one who won’t even let death slow her down.

Zillah has trained in the art of Taekkyon and because of this training has heightened senses, being able to sense an invisible demon and able to avoid and counter its attacks.

Zillah also has the ability to absorb the powers of her previously defeated opponents to enhance her own abilities.

Zillah while alive had the stamina and the skill to take on a group of armed men. Zillah is durable enough to shrug off several attacks from several demons in Gehenna.

Woe to those who stand in the way of her resurrection. The woman who faces the trials of hell vows to leave it in shambles to attain her resurrection. Let residents of gehenna quiver in fear for the revenge of Zillah is nigh.

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Midnight is Coming

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